Gun enthusiasts around the globe turn to the respected voice and in-depth knowledge of Colion Noir for their firearm needs. In this descriptive record of his original video review, we examine the exclusive touchpoints of the Vanguard 2 holster by Raven Concealment which Noir affectionately dubs, “The non-holster for those who despise them.”

The Holster for the Anti-Holster Crowd

Even amongst firearm enthusiasts, holsters are often a sore point. Colion Noir robustly echoes these sentiments: 

“I hate holsters. I can barely stand to have my phone in my pocket, much less a gun literally inside my pants.”

Yet, the Vanguard 2 by Raven Concealment has done what few holsters can — it won him over. Noir enthuses about this minimalist holster saying: 

“My holster for people who hate holsters is the Vanguard 2 from Raven Concealment. It looks more like a condom for the trigger guard than it does a holster for a gun, but trust me, it does what it does phenomenally well.”

Combining Minimalism with Functionality: Vanguard 2’s Features 

Space-Saving Design

Delving into the composition of the Vanguard 2, Noir praises its simplistic, yet functional build:

“It’s a piece of injection-molded plastic with a j-hook and what looks like a random plastic outgrowth. But make no mistake, this little plastic genital wart is everything.”

Despite its compact structure, the Vanguard 2 shines in mastering several tasks:

  • Ensures a firm hold on the gun 
  • Prevents unintended discharges, metaphorized as ‘Plaxico-ing’ yourself  
  • Fits snugly against the body, reducing print due to the Innovative RCS claw

As Noir puts it, 

“The Vanguard takes up as little space as possible while doing its job which is to hold your gun up and prevent you from Plaxico-ing yourself.”

The RCS Claw: A Deceptive Innovation

Especially important in Noir’s view is the RCS claw, a genius addition that compellingly reduces the holster’s imprint. Noir states his regard with undeniable fervor:

“Now to my favorite feature of the Vanguard, the plastic genital wart or what Raven Concealment calls the RCS claw. What this little awesome thing does is force the gun to sit closer to your body, making the gun print less.”

So effective is this small detail that Noir, having acquired a Vanguard version devoid of the claw, immediately felt the difference. He took a firm stand saying that he’ll never use this holster without the claw again.

The Vanguard 2: Satisfying Convenience alongside Comfort

The Vanguard 2, in Noir’s opinion, goes above and beyond the elemental functions of a holster. From facilitating loading of the gun while the holster is still attached, to its compatibility with sweatpants, the Vanguard 2 caters to lifestyle and preferences in a refreshing fashion. 

Worthwhile Investment: Potential Downsides & A Justifiable Cost

No product can achieve ultimate perfection, and Noir is not one to gloss over any areas of improvements. He lays bare that Raven Concealment caters to a selective audience with their production:

“Raven Concealment only really makes the Vanguard for Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&P’s, and the Shield.”

Despite this minor nuisance, the Vanguard 2 has won Noir’s endorsement, with him deeming the $44 price tag suitable for a holster that expertly marries minimalistic design with maximized functionality.

Vanguard 2 – A Non-Holster that Redefines Holster Choices 

Noir concludes his detailed review by aptly encapsulating his relationship with the Vanguard 2:

“I have holsters for days but like I always say, I don’t fit my life around the gun. I try to make the gun fit around my life and that’s what the Vanguard 2 allows me to do. It’s by far my favorite non-holster.”

In a world where many share the dislike for holsters as propagated by Colion Noir, the unique features and compact design of the Vanguard 2  promises to upend traditional holster preferences and offer a fresh perspective. Through Noir’s engaging and insightful review, one thing becomes evident – even when it comes to holsters, less can indeed be more.

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