Who is Raven Concealment Systems?

Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) is a renowned provider of holsters, magazine carriers, and various related accessories designed for secure and discreet weapon carrying in everyday life. Their products range includes a variety of holster series such as Eidolon, Morrigan, Perun, VanGuard Minimalist Holster, Phantom, and The Jake, catering to different styles and preferences. They also offer magazine carriers for both rifle and pistol magazines, along with combo rigs, essentials, bundles, accessories like enhancements, apparel, swag, personal protective equipment, upgrades, portable power, and hardware. Additionally, RCS features closeout items for those seeking value deals.

Importantly, RCS’s products are not only popular among individual customers but also officially issued to several prestigious groups. They are the officially-issued concealment holster for numerous units in the U.S. and friendly foreign militaries, multiple federal law enforcement agencies, and various executive and personal protection details. This broad usage underscores the trust and reliability placed in RCS products for discreet protection. By choosing RCS for your daily-carry pistol, you’re selecting the same brand trusted to protect Fortune 500 executives, diplomatic personnel, and heads-of-state globally.

Moreover, Raven Concealment Systems prides itself on being the number one manufacturer of concealment holsters and accessories. Their products are developed in collaboration with leading industry experts and professionals, ensuring top-notch quality and innovation. They also offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on their products, which follows the product and not the purchaser, adding a layer of confidence for their customers.

Their website, rcsgear.com, provides a comprehensive overview of their offerings, including detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in high-quality concealment solutions​​​​​​.