VanGuard 2 Holster - Advanced Kit

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Fits Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glock 9m/40/357 Pistols.and Glock 44  Does not fit the Glock 42/43/43x or 48.

The VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is a capability upgrade to our venerable VanGuard 2 minimalist IWB holster.  Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants.  The VG2 Advanced Kit’s inclusion of the RCS CLAW takes this system’s concealability to the next level, by leveraging the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw.

The VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit with the RCS CLAW can be equipped with either a Tuckable strut with overhook or Tuckable strut with soft loop, to allow you to choose the best belt interface system for your carry and mission type.  This combination is adjustable for ride-height and cant, is fully ambidextrous, and is the ultimate in deep concealment technology when combined with our proprietary tuckable struts.

Please note that the VG2 Advanced kit is not compatible with the Basic Kit Strut or the Lanyard option.  VG2 CLAWs are only compatibe with the model of VG2 shell specified.  For example, a Glock VG2 CLAW will NOT fit a M&P VG2 holster shell.

Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing.  You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.

*Does not fit the Glock 42 or Glock 43

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Written by Taylor Stansberry on 23rd Nov 2020

Great minimalistic option

Great minimal option. If you're just running out quickly.

Written by Skip on 10th Nov 2020


Perfect holster for those who hate holsters. This is about as close as you can get to Mexican carry while still feeling safe about the round in the chamber. Perfect amount of retention, won’t fall out but still loose enough I can draw from this holster with sweatpants. I also like that I can chamber a round with the trigger protected.

Written by Kevin Demmons on 5th Nov 2020


Its a quality piece, just not something I particularly care for.

Written by Dustin Williams on 28th Oct 2020

Vanguard Holster

Love this holster. I can easily conceal my G19 under a light t-shirt. Wore it around the house for a week or 2 before taking it out in public. Every evening I'd ask my wife, "do I have it or not?". Not one time was she ever completely 100% sure of her "guess". I love that. Just ordered her one for her MP Shield. Also, I would have never imagined it would work on pajama/athletic shorts. If you have the string tied it's really amazing at how well it works. May even be a better pull than wearing jeans w a belt.

Written by July on 6th Sep 2020


Runs loose on my Glock 26 gen 5, but works awesome on my gen 3 g17 and gen 4 19. Was scared to run it at fist since it’s so minimalistic, but grew confident later. Awesome purchase. Recommended to my friend.

Written by Pamela on 24th Aug 2020

VG2 for Glock

I really love this holster! Its perfect for times I am wearing clothes that are more difficult to CCW with in the summer. I feel that it is well built and safely covers the trigger area while being minimal and having a tiny foot print. I wish they had one for the M&P SHIELD. I recommend this and I would definitely purchase again. Please note you must remove the holster to safely reholster when using this system. Editor's Note: The M&P Shield Vanguard holster is available on our website. It does not fit the Shield EZ.

Written by Jarred on 20th Aug 2020

Good product

Good, robust product. Makes my G19 less bulky compared to a regular holster.

Written by Percy on 20th Aug 2020

This does fit a Glock 29 gen 4

I purchased for my Glock 29 out of curiosity since the vanguard holster for my mp shield works great. I was worried it might not fit since the details says it fits the 9/40/357(?) versions. I am very pleased since it fits perfectly and the wing definitely helps with the printing. Only problem I have is with how heavy the gun is fully loaded. I have to keep pulling up my pants.

Written by Robert Jeffrey Cone on 3rd Aug 2020

Advance kit for Glock 26

I just got my holster in the other day and got to use it for the first time today. Very comfortable and easy to put on. I love the fact that it is so compact compared to the other leather/Kydex holsters that I have been using for years

Written by Dave on 30th Jul 2020


This holster was recommended by a friend. If he did not swear by it, I would have been extremely skeptical to buy it. After getting it and practicing with it, I could not be happier. I am able to comfortably conceal a glock 19 without any issues. The holster is durable and feels like it is high quality. I would buy it again