Vanguard 2 Advanced Kit with Metal Overhook (fits Glock)

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These rugged, spring-steel 1.5" overhooks are designed to provide a rock-solid, extremely low-profile way to attach your IWB holster to your belt. The spring steel is significantly thinner than our standard injection molded overhooks, and grab your belt even tighter. Their super-flat profile makes them perfect for those times when you're wearing more fitted clothing as your cover garment,

As you'd expect from a steel part, these are also incredibly strong. We've had our friends test these by wearing them during aggressive Brazilian Jujitsu practice, during law enforcement weapon-retention classes, and numerous other vigorous physical movements like wrestling, sparring, running, backpacking, and mountain biking.  These overhooks won't let go of your belt, even during the most rigorous activities.

*PLEASE NOTE: These overhooks are designed to be used WITH a belt. Also, given the high spring-weight of the overhooks, care must be used when putting on or removing these overhooks from the belt to avoid causing damage to your belt.

 The VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is a capability upgrade to our venerable VanGuard 2 minimalist IWB holster. Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon. This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants. The VG2 Advanced Kit’s inclusion of the RCS CLAW takes this system’s concealability to the next level, by leveraging the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw.

Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing. You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.

*Does not fit the G42 or G43  or non Glock firearms. Fits Glock Gen 3, Gen 4, and Gen 5 9/40/357 Pistols.*



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Written by Greg Goodyear on 26th Nov 2020

Vanguard 2

The metal clip is hard to work and will tear up your hands and belt. I have ordered the soft loop to replace the clip. Their website is hard to maneuver around and there are more products they have than are on the site. I absolutely love the minimalistic aspects of the holster and it is very comfortable it just needs to be available with the soft loop or advertised with it

Written by Kyle on 18th Sep 2020

Comfortable and clean

I’ve never appendix carried. Even off duty, carry with a low profile OWB holster seemed most streamline for how I trained daily. I made the switch for off duty carry and I’m happy I did. The holster is slim, clean, and just what I was hoping for. It’s a lot less bulk and conceals much better than my OWB. The one downside is that the metal belt clip only works on a regular leather belt and not with my Viking Tactical rigger’s belt. So, just a note of caution: don’t plan on wearing a belt wider than 1.25 inches if you want to get use this set up. Also, play out the scenario beforehand: if I have to fire my gun, re-holstering is going to be a no-no. What am I going to do with my gun when the threat stops?

Written by John Nolting on 4th Aug 2020

Awesome minimalist holster!

Works like a champ. It’s nice for heading out the door quickly without having to deal with a larger IWB rig. The metal hook, vice belt loop, works for me, allowing me to carry even in athletic shorts or sweatpants. I also use it for retention and trigger protection in a fanny pack.

Written by John N on 27th May 2020

Quality Products

I have purchased several products from Raven Concealment and they are always top quality.

Written by Aaron F. on 3rd Oct 2019

Great Holster

This is a great minimalist holster. I barely notice it at all! The claw is a must though as it really helps to keep the gun closer to my body. I have only carried with it in the appendix position. I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for a minimalist holster!

Written by John on 18th Mar 2019

VG2 Advanced Kit with Metal Overhook

I've only used it a couple of times, but so far I am very satisfied with it. It's been very comfortable, however, I did put a band aid over the screws that hold it together, because they were kinda eating into me (truth be told, that's probably my fault for wearing pants too tight, I swear I'll lose the weight, not buy bigger pants). It does hold several different Glocks snugly. Everything was exactly as advertised.

Written by Jonathan Lauer on 2nd Mar 2019


Not completely satisfied, doesn’t fit my gun like I had hoped . The holster is pretty loose on my gun not making is secure when I am wearing it. Editor's note: Please contact our customer service department. You may have the wrong VanGuard holster for your firearm. or 440-508-9000 ext 302

Written by Matthew smith on 23rd Feb 2019

Raven Claw

Great minimalistic holster. Difficult to re-holster

Written by Jason J. W. Williams on 14th Feb 2019

Very comfortable for G19.

I own a Vanguard 2 for my G43 and this does almost as good a job. It’s incredibly comfortable for carrying my G19 and definitely reduces the printing because of the belt claw. I wish they also had a vertical claw of sorts to push against your body and tilt the butt back against you, because it will print depending on how you twist in a t shirt.