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Designed in collaboration with Matt “Jake” Jacques of Victory First, this AIWB holster offers exceptional concealability and refined functionality for the discerning carrier.

All models come equipped with dual 1.5″ overhooks, a right-hand wedge, and an ambidextrious claw. Additional wedges included in the packaging; offering accommodation for left and right-hand carry, with two height options.

The holster and attachments provide a wide range of options to customize the holster to fit you.


Warranty: Lifetime

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We’ve engineered a holster that meets the dynamic needs of concealed carry. Emphasizing refinement and practicality, this holster, named the “Jake,” leaves out anything that doesn’t directly improve the holster’s concealability and speed-of-access of your weapon. 

The Jake draws from Jacques’ extensive SWAT and Undercover Detective experience during his law enforcement career.  The focus of the design of the Jake is delivering a product that meets the evolving demands of concealed carry, honed by Jacques’ practical insights.

Its advanced Claw mechanism enhances concealment by levering against the belt to tuck the grip closer to the body, thus minimizing the potential for the butt of the grip to print through cover garments.

The double over-hooks provide a rock-solid attachment to the belt, ensuring the holster remains optimally-oriented for maximum speed during the draw stroke, and maximum safety during re-holstering.

To allow the holster to be optimized for any body-type, the Jake comes with multiple sizes of wedge attachments.  These user-selectable Wedges mount near the muzzle-end of the holster to keep the rear of the slide from printing.

Finally, the ambidextrous holster body has both inboard and outboard full-height body shields. These body shields offer some protection for your pistol from sweat, as well as protecting your skin and cover garments (especially the thin material used for linings in sport coats and suit jackets) from being abraded by the serrations on the rear of the slide. They also enhance safety by helping keep cover garments and other foreign objects from falling into the mouth of the holster while you have your pistol drawn, and aid in proper, safe muzzle orientation during re-holstering.

These features are derived from Matt Jacques’ deep understanding of real-world demands, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.

Like all RCS products, the Jake is made in the USA, and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Additional information

Model Fitment

Glock 17/19/25/44/45/47 (Gen 3/4/5) & 22/23/31/32 (Gen 3/4), Glock 43/43X/43XMOS/48/48X/48XMOS, Sig Sauer P320 M18, M18X, AXG, X Carry, RXP Compact, P320C, X Compact, Sig Sauer P365X Macro, Tacops, Comp, AXG, Sig Sauer P365X/XL (All Variants), Staccato C1/C2/CS, Staccato P

Carry Type

Inside the Waistband (IWB)

Carry Position

Appendix, Strongside


Black, Carbon Fiber Olive Drab Finish




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