OWB Pancake Wings

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RCS has remade the pancake holster with our new, nearly unbreakable Pancake Wings. These loops replace your standard belt loops on the holster shell turning it into a close, low profile pancake-style holster.

As always, you have options. You can now select your belt size for a more perfect fit. We have added an "offset" bend in the loops. This allows for a tight, tighter, and tightest fit depending on how you mount the wings. You can mount them to the inside face of the holster with the logo facing outward for the tight fit. This allows the easiest belt threading and gives you more room to seat the grip. Swap the wings front to back and mount with the logo facing inward to give you an even closer pull to your side. Finally, you can mount the wings on the outside face of the holster with the logo facing outward. This will lever the holster even tighter into your side. You can also try mounting the wing higher or lower to adjust the cant angle or even mount them upside down to play with different fore/aft cant and fit options.

We encourage you to "play" with these to find the sweet spot of comfort and concealment. The only rules to follow as you experiment is that the posts should always seat against the pancake and the screws should always seat against the brass eyelet of the holster. The rubber o-ring should always sandwich between the wings and the holster.

As always, we recommend that once you find a configuration you like, apply some non-permanent thread locking product to the screws to prevent them from backing out during use and check your gear regularly.

Sold in pairs.

Other Details
Availability: Ships in 1-3 business days
Width: 1.00 (in)
Height 3.00 (in)
Depth 0.13 (in)


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Written by Jim Bailey on 22nd May 2020

Pancake loops

Replace the standard belt loops with these if you would like your firearm to ride closer to your body. If I order another Raven holster these would be ordered with it. Highly recommended!

Written by john crooke on 29th Sep 2019

Review of OWB pancake wings

did not realize they didn't work with the perun

Written by JD on 10th May 2018

Best Legacy Kydex attachment

I love the pancake wings especially because they hug the holster close to your body. If you have a thick gun belt, this makes it easier to don the holster when wearing a suit. It is often argued that the pancake wings hold the holster close to the body that it conceals better than most in waistband holsters. I do not recommend wearing with a vest as your pistol will snag and the seam of the vest will act as a natural barrier/retention. Otherwise well done!

Written by Ed on 16th Nov 2017

Does exactly what I hoped.

These pancake wings work better than I imagined. I had trouble with a belt buckle getting through the standard loops and was hoping these would help. They do and add a tighter fit that, to me, even adds a comfort I didn't expect to get.

Written by joeyjingles on 18th Oct 2017

Lightweight body hugging mounts.

I received my Glock 19 Phantom holster, wore it a week and ordered the pancakes. The original belt clips worked but the pistols grip prints less with pancake clips installed. The pancakes are not a hard polymer but instead flex back and forth and are more rubbery. I will reserve judgement until they are much older. I ordered 1.5" and that fits easily with left over room which I assume is for thicker doubled leather or similarly thicker styles. The belt pancakes work in slick fashion and in the Wolf Grey disappear to help with your "Grey Man" appearance.

Written by Brian on 18th Sep 2017

Does it's job

It's nice and I feel like it holds the gun closer to my body compare daily to the original hard belt loops. Still not as good as an IWB.

Written by FireMedic765 on 31st Aug 2017

It was Exactly what I Ordered

I purchased these out of necessity. RCS used to be a Great Company that really took care of the average customer. Even though their prices were high and wait times were long, I used to really enjoy dealing with them because I knew I would get exactly what I needed and the quality would be next to none. I understand that a company wants to make money, but I can't help but feel they are more concerned about their Government and Private Contrator Accounts than the average buyer. As far as this product goes, they are Kydex and they do what they are supposed to do. There is nothing special about them and the price is a little high for what they are.

Written by Mark on 13th Aug 2017

RCS Quality

Typical great RCS quality! In still tinkering with all the possibilities as to mounting my Phantom with the wings. There are a ton of ways to do it. Once I find that sweet spot, I'll loctite it and be good to go.

Written by Dudley A Long on 20th May 2017

Pancake wings

Shipped quickly. Installed in less than 5 minutes for my owb Glock 19 holster. Holds holster snug with my leather belt. I fully recommend if you want the owb holster as close to the body as you can get. Does not interfere with the draw stroke.

Written by undefined on 8th May 2017

Great for wearing on the belt!

The Sig P320C Holster with the OWB wings make the perfect fit for me.