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These rugged, spring-steel 1.5" overhooks are designed to provide a rock-solid, extremely low-profile way to attach your IWB holster to your belt.  The spring steel is significantly thinner than our standard injection molded overhooks, and grab your belt even tighter. Their super-flat profile makes them perfect for those times when you're wearing more fitted clothing as your cover garment,

As you'd expect from a steel part, these are also incredibly strong.  We've had our friends test these by wearing them during aggressive Brazilian Jujitsu practice, during law enforcement weapon-retention classes, and numerous other vigorous physical movements like wrestling, sparring, running, backpacking, and mountain biking.  These overhooks won't let go of your belt, even during the most rigorous activities.

*PLEASE NOTE:  These overhooks are designed to be used WITH a belt.  Also, given the high spring-weight of the overhooks, care must be used when putting on or removing these overhooks from the belt to avoid causing damage to your belt. (All hardware included)


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Written by Steve on 24th Mar 2019

Metal Clips

They fit well on my belt, secure and hold the vanguard tight against my body. Perfect! Almost.. To take the clip off you have to lift up the "spring" by the two little lips. The same covering you put on the Kevlar belt loop holder for the vanguard would be awesome over these clips and reduce the pain inflicted by the little pins. They are strong and I like how they hold the vanguard lower on my waist but taking them off is a drag.

Written by Tony Noto on 16th Mar 2019

IWB Metal Overhook

These clips are very secure and strong. I would like to see a curled tab on the bottom of the clip. That would make it easier to put on and take the holster off.

Written by Nathan on 17th Nov 2018

Sim profile

I like the slim profile a lot. This is the clip that got me to switch from a soft loop. Now I can take my holster on and off with ease. I prefer these over ulticlips.