Strongside Carry

Strongside firearm carry is a popular method of concealed carry that situates the firearm on the dominant side hip, typically at the 3 or 4 o'clock position if we imagine the body as a clock with the belly button resting at 12 o'clock. This method is favored by many due to its ease of integration into one's lifestyle, comfort, and the natural draw stroke it offers.

Strongside carry offers versatility with either inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster styles. IWB carry means the holstered gun nestles on the inside of the pants between the wearer and beltline, while OWB places the holstered gun on the outside of the pants.

One of the significant benefits of strongside carry is its popularity, which has led to a wide variety of gear options. More holsters are made for this style of carry than pretty much any other mode of carry, allowing for a range of choices at various price points.

Raven Concealment Systems, found at, offers a range of holsters that are well-suited to strongside carry, including the Perun, Morrigan, and Eidolon holsters.

The Perun holster is an OWB holster that is designed to be worn on the strong side in a traditional 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock carry position. It is designed with a body-hugging curve that naturally pulls the firearm in close to your body, making it very concealable for an OWB holster.

The Morrigan holster is an IWB holster designed for strongside carry, although it can also be used for appendix carry. It features an innovative, ambidextrous design that allows it to be worn on either side of the body. The Morrigan is designed to be low-profile and easy to conceal, making it a great option for those who prefer IWB carry.

The Eidolon holster is a modular IWB holster that is designed to be fully adjustable to the wearer's preferences. It can be worn in the appendix position or the strongside position, and it features adjustable retention and ride height, allowing you to customize the fit and draw to your liking.

While these holsters offer many benefits, it's important to remember that the best holster for you will depend on your personal comfort, your lifestyle, and the specific firearm you are carrying. Always ensure that your holster offers good retention and covers the trigger guard of your firearm for safety.

In conclusion, strongside carry is a versatile and popular method of concealed carry that offers many benefits, and Raven Concealment Systems offers a range of holsters designed to make the most of this carry method. Whether you prefer OWB or IWB carry, there is likely a holster that will meet your needs and preferences.


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