Eidolon Tuckable Overhooks

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Our new Tuckable Overhooks for the Eidolon Holster System set the standard for this style of belt clip. Very easy on and off yet secure on the belt and bomb-proof durable. They come as a pair in your choice to fit 1.5" or 1.75" belts. Overhooks can be used as a pair or individually mounted to the holster shell or the Offset Wings. Overhooks offer two ride height positons 5/8” up or down and approximately 15 degrees of cant adjustment forward or back.

The Tuckable Overhook Set includes:

  • Two Overhook struts in your choice of 1.5" or 1.75" belt size
  • One Tall Spacer (for mounting the strut below the trigger guard)
  • All needed hardware and instructions
Other Details
UPC 810022110348
Width: 1.50 (in)
Height 3.75 (in)
Depth 0.50 (in)


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Written by Andrew Siemer on 7th Mar 2019

Great product, great service

I ordered 2 1.75" clips. I was shipped a 1.75" clip and a 1.5" clip. I immediately followed up and reported what was shipped to me. A new set of clips were promptly shipped out...no fuss no muss. Seems like a great product so far. Enjoying the holster I purchased. Mostly I can say that I stand behind this company. They seem like great people that are customer first oriented with a mission of doing the right thing. Time to buy a second holster for me and a new holster for the wife.

Written by Paul Heitmeyer on 25th Jan 2018

good clips for knive holster

I use it with my kydex holsters and two 8" overall length fixed blade knives. I use 1.5" belts for edc, but bought the 1.75s clip so i can cant them sideways inside appendix carry for a more ergonomic carry.

Written by Craig on 14th Mar 2017

Use them on ALL of my IWB holsters

Can't stand the 1" wide cheapo overhooks that come on every holster these days. For IWB holsters with 2 hooks, these are essential for fitting left of the buckle and right of the belt loop.

Written by Bobby J Hosmer on 10th Feb 2017

Over Hook review

I have been using Raven since their very early days. I will continue to use all of their including their overhooks.

Written by undefined on 8th Dec 2016

Good , but needs one adjustment

The over hooks are quality made. Great fit and form. Just one needs to be a two hole instead of three hole. Why? I carry mine a little high so that means the clip beside the trigger sticks down one hole and that little bit that sticks down catches when trying to insert the holster into position. Just get aggravating, when you fight it to make sure it clears. Was going to cut the last hole off to prevent hang up but the hooks are so well made that it was difficult to cut and it look professional that I decided to just deal with it.

Written by undefined on 21st Jul 2016

Solid IWB clips

Solid and well built clips for the Eidolon holster system. Are they better than the soft loops? no, they are just a different choice

Written by undefined on 30th Apr 2016


They are way better than the soft loops.