VanGuard 2 Basic Kit for Glock 42/43


The VanGuard 2 is a minimalist IWB holster.  Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants.

The VanGuard 2 can be used multiple ways: 

First, it can be used (without the lanyard or the overhook) as a trigger guard cover for storage and transportation safety.  This prevents foreign objects from finding their way inside the trigger guard and potentially pressing the trigger, while still allowing the slide to be cycled and the magazine released.  This gives users the ability to clear the weapon without the danger of a negligent discharge.

Next, it can be used with the static-line tether for on-body (IWB) or off-body carry (such as inside a bag, purse, briefcase, vehicle console, etc).  This allows the weapon to be safely carried with a chambered round without fear of a negligent discharge, while still being rapidly deployable.  The holster can also be removed by catching the nose of the holster and prying it off.  This allows one-hand deployment of the weapon even if the tether or attachment point fails to remove the holster.

Finally, the user can attach the overhook to create a stable, secure, IWB holster.  The complete system is fully adjustable for ride-height and cant, is tuckable for maximum concealment, and fully ambidextrous. 


 Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing.  You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.



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Written by J on 27th Nov 2017

Vanguard 2 holster for G43

I ordered this holster for my G43 with TBRC comp. holster works well and carries with a much smaller footprint than other a IWB holsters.

Written by Brandon Fitzgerald on 8th Nov 2017

can be difficult to get a good grip on drawing

Not a big fan of the thin belt clips. Allows a little more movement than I typically like. Also you are unable to really adjust the can't like I need to because then the belt clip is directly in the way of where your middle finger would go when drawing the firearm. I do love the minimalist approach with just the trigger guard holster, but I feel like it still needs some tinkering with to make more efficient or effective when drawing at speed or under pressure. I can live with needing to remove it from your waist to reholster, but makes training with it a bit tedious. I am still trying to figure out the "secret" to being as fast with this holster as I am with my other holsters. Lastly I like how the Vanguard 2 for the G26 and G19 etc has the "belt claw" on it but doesn't seem to be any way to have one for the G43 because then you would really have a problem drawing your firearm.

Written by Scott on 29th Oct 2017

My 2nd vanguard 2 purchase

Several years ago I purchased the Vanguard 2 holster for my glock 23. I liked it so much that I wanted another one for the glock 42 I recently purchased. The fit and finish is second to none. It is not like the cheap kydex holsters that you get. It is a plastic injected holster that retains its shape whether it is hot or cold. The holster really holds the pistol well. You don't have to worry that the pistol will come loose out of the holster with normal movement. To me, if you want to carry as minimal as you can it is the way to go. Also, the vanguard 2 doesn't add any width to the gun itself. I never worry with having one in the chamber at all times with the way the trigger is protected. Thank you for having such a good product! Scott

Written by Joe H on 26th Oct 2017


I usually carry a glock 19 in the vanguard 2, it's been my favorite since I started using it and I've used it daily since. When the glock 43 came out I added it for it's intended roll as a smaller option to the 19 but it never got any carry time because I was unhappy with the available methods of carry for it. I immediatly went to the RC site, but the vg2 wasn't available for it yet. A 43 in any other holster makes just as thick as my 19 slide so I felt it pointless as I am not affected by the weight aspect. And i am unhappy with kydex varrient I have tried. I recently decided to check back on RC and was extremely happy to find this finally available for the 43. Fit and finish are perfect and you should get a perfect one everytime you order a new one. They are not one off or "custom kydex" pieces so if you buy 3 there will be no difference in tolerances between them and they will all have identical build quality and same great retention. I love the hook/ clip now offered with the kit. 10/10 I recommend this product

Written by undefined on 21st Sep 2017

Best IWB solution for compact handguns

Product is awesome-safe, simple, secure, adjustable,discreet. I ordered the basic kit, if I had understood what was included in the more advanced or complete kit I probably would have ordered it that way. the info in the included instructions was great, I couldn't find that detailed info on the web site before ordering

Written by undefined on 15th Sep 2017

Awesome Product

Great product and fast shipment!

Written by WendyJo on 14th Sep 2017

The one & only

I love the VanGuard holsters! I have one for my Glock 19. Now one for my shiny, new Glock 43. By far the best carry holster I've used. Holds my gun right in place, with the least amount of show possible. Thank you much, Raven!

Written by Matthew on 31st Aug 2017

Ultimate in minimalist holsters

With a snug fit and positive click over the trigger guard, the Vanguard 2 is the ultimate in minimalist holsters. I purchased it with the C clip and it makes putting on and removing my carry gun easy. Can't say enough about this product.

Written by michael on 26th Aug 2017

simple yet perfect item for concealed carry

This clip is a common sense solution to make concealed carry non detectable by others.The clip allows for a versatile application to secure weapon with absolute minimal bulk or sillhouette. I might add that is a super cost efective way to carry,spending more will not render a better carry

Written by mike on 4th Aug 2017

Awesome! Ditch draw clip and get one of these!!

I wanted a V2 but the Glock 43 version wasn't out yet. Tried other knock offs but this is the real deal. Minimalist with one in the chamber. I can finally stop adding to the drawer of holsters. Will consider one for my G19.