RCS "Roland Special" Holster


The legendary Phantom LC has been adapted to perfectly compliment the unique features and applications of the famous “Roland Special” pistol.  

What is the “Roland Special?”  It’s a specially modified Glock 19 pistol, created by the brain-trust at Presscheck Consulting.  Read more about it here:

This holster was created with direct feedback from Presscheck Consulting, to ensure that the weapon and holster are perfectly suited for their intended application.

In addition to its unique, aggressive looks, the Roland Special Phantom LC comes with a brand-new belt-attachment accessory:  The Drop/Offset kit.  This kit (retail price $24.99) consists of a drop-bracket and a spacer, which allows the shooter to add drop, offset, or both to the ride of the holster.  This makes the holster configurable for more direct-action roles.

The kit also comes with a set of 1.5” Pancake Wings (retail price $19.99), which, when attached directly to the holster body, pull the weapon in tight for optimal concealed-carry roles.

The kit also includes a set of our Quick-Mount Straps (QMS) (retail price $29.99) which allow rapid donning and doffing of the holster.

This holster fits the following variants of Glock 19 pistols with Surefire X-300 U/A/B:

ATEI Roland Special 

Glock 19 MOS 

Glock Gen 3 G19

Glock Gen 4 G19

Agency Arms G19

Zev Tech G19

Fowler Industries G19

WOTG Tomahawk G19

Boresight Solutions G19


Barrels that fit the above configurations:

Stock G19 

Threaded G19

KKM Comp Barrel

Texas Black Rifle Company Comp


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Written by Michael on 10th Dec 2017

raven Holster

Overall, the holster was FAIR. The material was high quality, the ability to transition between belt loop configurations was easy to complete and of good quality. The weapon rode higher on the belt than other holsters (which I prefer). The issue I have is drawing the weapon from the holster. Maybe it is the specific holster configuration (Glock 19M with Surefire X300-U weapon light) or a glitch in the manufacturing of my specific holster but I have to really yank the weapon to remove it from the holster. Obviously, that is not the way the weapon should be drawn but there is no other way for the weapon to be removed. Otherwise, the holster would receive 5 stars. Editor's Note: You are welcome to contact Raven Concealment at gearinfo@ravenconcealment.com An adjustment can be set up for your holster.

Written by Liam on 27th Aug 2017

just what youd expect

Great holster. I really like all the attachment offerings and it seems to work better than those holsters made for the g34.

Written by Charles on 21st Jan 2017

This is why I choose Raven

Top notch quality again from Raven, I've tried other holsters and none compare to Raven's fit and quality. The Roland Special is another home run, right now I'm wearing with the soft loops which is really comfortable. Some people say prices are to high, and I'll say you get what you pay for, and I choose Raven for the quality of their product.

Written by Mark Roland on 5th Jan 2017

Worth the wait

Was not in stock when I first attempted to order. Great fit. Completes my modification to hte Roland Special configuration.