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ModuLoader Frames are designed to bridge the gap between daily concealed carry gear and more “tactical” load carriage products like the extremely versatile Taco pouches from High Speed Gear, Inc. ModuLoader Frames are injection molded from the same unbreakable polymer as our belt loops and pancake wings, and allow the user to mount Taco pouches securely to a standard pants belt. This simple product largely eliminates the need for unnecessarily bulky padded MOLLE/PALS belts.

Frames are made to work specifically with HSGI Taco pouches. Taco pouches have a number of features that work with the Frames to hold the pouch in place. All Taco pouches have three horizontal rows of 1" webbing with no space in between the rows. The Taco pouches for rifle magazines are tacked down the center of these three rows to create two separate channels. On the Taco pouches, by selecting which two rows of webbing you pass the Frame through you can adjust the ride height up or down.

Frames come in four sizes. The pouch configuration you want will determine which size you select. Each size has a different number of vertical "fingers" (5, 4, 3 or 2). The fingers slide behind two of the horizontal rows of webbing on the inside face of the pouch and are secured by installing the included bracket along the bottom of the Frame. Taco rifle mag pouches use two fingers, pistol mag pouches use one finger. If you will be mounting more than one pouch on a Frame you must skip a finger between each pouch. For example, if you want to mount two rifle mag carriers on a Frame, you would order a 5 finger Frame. The two rifle mag carriers would mount on the four outer fingers leaving an empty finger in the middle of the Frame assembly. If you want to assemble a frame for one rifle and one pistol mag carrier, you would select a 4 finger frame. If you want to assemble a Frame for two pistol mag carriers, you would select the 3 finger Frame. If you want to assemble a Frame for one rifle mag carrier, you would select a two finger Frame.

This is our Subload Base Frame set up.  We have permanently mounted drop loops to the Frame in the belt size you select when ordering.  This configuration lowers the pouches to help clear armor, chest rigs, etc. while still giving stable and easy access to your primary magazines or equipment.  If you order this base option, none of our other belt options will integrate into the system.  This is a dedicated dropped equipment option.  Each kit includes the Frame with belt loops mounted (3 loops for 5 finger frames, 2 loops for all others), locking bar and all needed hardware.


Fit Guide:

Rifle magazine pouches mount on "two fingers." Pistol magazine pouches mount on "one finger," but require extra space for the belt loops to be mounted. When mounting more than one pouch, it is necessary for one "finger" to be a spacer between the pouches. Examples:


•One rifle magazine - Two Finger Frame

•One pistol magazine - Three Finger Frame recommended (belt loops mounted to outside Fingers, pistol pouch mounted to center Finger).

•One Rifle magazine and one pistol magazine - Four Finger Frame

•Two rifle magazines - Five Finger Frame

•Two pistol magazines - Three Finger Frame

•Three pistol magazines - Five Finger Frame


Like all RCS products, the ModuLoader Frames are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and are covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty.


Other Details
Ships in 1-3 business days
product.width 5.00
product.height 4.00
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Written by James Russell on 26th Apr 2017

not as advertised

Ordered the product with 2" belt loops for my 2" belt. My 2" belt is too big to fit through the 2" belt loops.

Written by SMG Shooter on 29th Sep 2016

Perfect for SMG mags

I use this product to position the tacos lower on my hip because they hold UMP mags which are very long. The Raven frame allows for that lower position below the belt which makes it a perfect solution for longer SMG mags (e.g. MP5, Uzi, 9mm AR). I have used this now in two SMG courses and it's held up perfectly. Great directions are included, it's easy to assemble, and Raven Concealment includes tons of extra screws and o rings in case you need spares. This is a very well thought out product with built-in versatility (so you can wear it adjacent to your belt if you prefer to carry higher - like you would with pistol or 20rd AR mags).

Written by Jeff Corbett on 22nd Jul 2016


Was searching everywhere for something like this. High quality, great directions, easy to assemble. Love it for the modularity. Can use the pouches with the frame on a regular belt, take the taco pouches off later if I get a molle belt. Love the drop on them I case I ever decide to get a chest rig or plate carrier so I have more clearance.

Written by undefined on 16th May 2016

Perfect placement

This system puts my tacos at the perfect position in my eyes. I use an inner Velcro belt and that keeps them from sliding around any. It's a solid system however I do feel like it could be a smidge cheaper. I'd buy it again though.

Written by Zach Heavener on 9th May 2016

Good but expensive for what it is.

First off I should say that this peice of gear does exactly what it says, and holds your taco pouches where you choose. My negative thoughts on this stem from the price of this product. After shipping this relatively little peice of plastic cost nearly $40. I reccomended people wait and try to find a free shipping deal because at $25 I would say this product is worth the price.

Written by Cameron German on 24th Apr 2016


I use the five finger for my two ar tacos and it works great! They sit flush with my tactical assault gear (tag industries) battle belt. Sits low enough to not get caught up on my vtac adjustable sling pistol tacos will also go on top of the rifle mag tacos but is a bit too bulky for my liking but aside from that I love everything about this product it is very easily assembled came with very clear directions not that they are even needed and comes with blue thread lock. If you are even considering this product just buy it. Great product at a great price. I even asked for some stickers and they threw some in for me.

Written by David on 30th Mar 2016

Like the concept

I like the concept of the moduloader subload base and it works well with my HSGI Taco pouches. My only issue is that I ordered it for a 2" belt and the subload base I received would not fit a 2" pistol belt it was intended to be used with. After a lot of effort I could not get the pistol belt through the loops. I decided to try a 1.75" belt and found the subload base fit with a little bit of space in the loops, which causes some up and down movement of the base. I think that RCS should make the loops slightly bigger than the belt it is intended to be used for so that it will fit. I will try and make it work with the 1.75" belt, however, I rated the product with 4 stars for the above issue.

Written by Brandon on 3rd Dec 2015


I play milsim paintball and the system I have with my paintball gun requires multiple magazines. I usually carry seven paintball magazines with 5 on my chest rig and 2 on my molle leg system. I hated the leg system while running around, it would wiggle and make noise all the time. I then looked into using a battle belt system, big mistake, as the magazines would brush against my chest rig. I found the Raven Subload system while searching for the best alternative to a battle belt and leg molle system. Best investment yet, the subload system perfectly lowers the magazines to where is doesn't brush against the chest rig nor does it wiggle around while I run. I wish I would have found this a lot sooner, Raven Concealment needs to market this to the paintball and airsoft community. Thanks for the awesome product!

Written by undefined on 10th Sep 2015

great piece of kit

The frame quality is great and the Rifle tacos I put on it fit perfectly. I can't wait to take it to a class and put it to work.

Written by chris on 28th Aug 2015

soild piece of gear

I attended a Frank Proctor Carbine course and put the loader and taco through its paces. Held the mags securely. I read the complaint about it moving around, to fix this I split the loader over a belt loop and it stayed right where I wanted. Just weave your belt through the loop into your pant loop then another loop . It takes a minute but holds it tight . Thanks for getting it to me before my class Raven . I have at least 5 different holsters from RCS for all of my HK's.