Vickers Signature Series Holster

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The Vickers Signature Series are only produced for the pistols which LAV views as his “go-to” handguns: The Glock 17, Glock 19, Heckler and Koch VP9, Beretta M-9, and of course, the M1911 A1 pistols. Every item is tastefully emblazoned with the Vickers Tactical logo, and is produced to the same exacting standards of fit and finish that customers have come to expect from both RCS and Larry Vickers.

Because Larry’s primary method of concealed-carry is outside-the-waistband, each item has a reduced-profile cut to make them less prone to snagging when a cover garment is swept over them.

Instead of our standard hard-polymer belt loops, they are attached with Larry’s preferred belt-attachment: Our Quick-Mount Straps (QMS).

In homage to Larry’s long service career in U.S. Army Special Operations, the holsters and magazine carriers are a two-tone of Ranger Green and Coyote Brown (for that “Woodland Camo-esque” look) and feature the Vickers Tactical logo laser-etched in the front face of each item.


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Written by Andrew B on 27th Jul 2019

VP9 Holster.

Exceptional product. I wish raven would offer more holsters than for just glocks. I bought this for the HK VP9 LE because I couldn’t find an another HK holster through them. It exceeds my expectations. Firm grasping of pistol grip. Works out of box and does not marr gun frame. Conceals easily and I’m 6 ft and 150 pounds.