VanGuard 2 Strut Kit

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The VG2 Strut Kit allows you to convert any VG2 holster shell into the full VG2 IWB holster.

NOT compatible with the Original VanGuard.


VG2 Strut Kit includes:

1 x VG2 IWB Strut and mounting hardware

1 x IWB Soft Loop and mounting hardware


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Written by Andrew Petersen on 28th Jun 2017

Great But Needs the Softloop

This is awesome. I have one for each of my guns. However, I think it really needs that soft loop in order to make it perfect.

Written by Spencer on 4th Jul 2015

Does what it is supposed to do

Can you ask for anything more than a product to do as it is advertised to do? Quick and handy repair kit for an everyday concealment system.

Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2015

Much easier thank the pull cord

On the VG 2 the stock pull cord works, but with the strut kit it makes it much easier to use, and quicker to re-holster. I would highly recommend it! Eric H - MDFI Alumni

Written by Brad on 26th Sep 2014

Great minimalist holster.

I won a VG lanyard model at a match that Raven helped sponsor. I was sceptical of this system at first, I don't really get the lanyard thing. But, after adding the strut kit and trying it with my G26, I really like it. It is the most minimal holster you're going to find in my opinion, and still has great retention. I also like that it completely covers the trigger guard, an absolute must for me. Good idea, good product. My only complaint if you could even call it that, is that I can't try it with my light equipped G23.

Written by Frank (TPA, FL) on 5th Sep 2014

Not too shabby

Actually purchased this to go with the "I love my glock" G42 IWB Clip...extremely well made and has a wide variety of uses not just for their own products....highly recommend!