VanGuard 2 Kit for S&W M&P Shield 9/40

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Fits M&P Shield 9mm and .40 cal only, Versions 1.0 or 2.0. Does not fit the Shield .45. Will not work with Crimson Trace


The VanGuard 2 is a minimalist IWB holster.  Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants.

The VanGuard 2 can be used multiple ways: 

First, it can be used (without the lanyard or the overhook) as a trigger guard cover for storage and transportation safety.  This prevents foreign objects from finding their way inside the trigger guard and potentially pressing the trigger, while still allowing the slide to be cycled and the magazine released.  This gives users the ability to clear the weapon without the danger of a negligent discharge.

Next, it can be used with the static-line tether for on-body (IWB) or off-body carry (such as inside a bag, purse, briefcase, vehicle console, etc).  This allows the weapon to be safely carried with a chambered round without fear of a negligent discharge, while still being rapidly deployable.  The holster can also be removed by catching the nose of the holster and prying it off.  This allows one-hand deployment of the weapon even if the tether or attachment point fails to remove the holster.

Finally, the user can attach the overhook to create a stable, secure, IWB holster.  The complete system is fully adjustable for ride-height and cant, is tuckable for maximum concealment, and fully ambidextrous. 

* This VanGuard 2 holster is not compatible with Shield 9/40 pistols with serial numbers beginning with LH.

 Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing.  You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.


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Written by Joe on 12th Dec 2019

Easy to conceal

When I first got this I was excited for it. With that said, it took me a while to figure out how I like to carry it and how to get it in comfortable position. So if you struggle at first keep trying different things. I love this little thing, very sturdy, definitely not cheap plastic. I bought this because I wanted a way conceal easily in a work place. I didn’t anticipate having to deal with the clip that hangs on your belt though. It is small but if you’re worried as me about people asking what’s that clip for have got a solution for you. I needed to make the clip that hangs on my belt look like it belonged there, like I was wearing it for an obvious reason. My workplace is pretty hostile to guns but they don’t provide security. Guess I gotta do everything myself. So I put my gun about 3:30, tucked in my shirt around it, grabbed my keys and hung them on the clip of the vanguard. Boom, now it just looks like a clip to hold my keys. Thanks Raven Concealment!

Written by William E Kerner on 12th May 2019

Vanguard 2

No complaints, it fits my firearm well and is secure to my belt. I have no discomfort with wearing it and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to not print while wearing their firearm.

Written by Lorenzo Lovato on 18th Apr 2019

Vanguard 2

Purchased about a week ago. Everything I thought and hoped for. Minimal, sturdy, and after many dry runs..reliable.

Written by Colby Adams on 28th Mar 2019

M&P 9mm shield

Overall great quality product. Solid comforting click as you holster the gun. I don’t have a print from the gun or the holster. Great for summertime carry because you don’t have the bulk from a holster printing when wearing light clothing. Only default for this, is that I wish it came with the claw hook to really help hug the gun against your body. Other than that, it’s a great holster for the price!

Written by Carlos P. on 14th Mar 2019

Excellent Product!

I had a friend highly recommend this product and I believe his review is below mine but man! What a difference! No more bulk! Nothing digging into my skin and super easy to draw from and it covers the most important part... the trigger! What an excellent product, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you raven!

Written by Justin on 8th Mar 2019

Vanguard 2

If you feel like other holsters just print to much then this is the one to get. Night and day difference in printing from my Tier 1 holster. My firearm disappears even in fitted shirts. Would definitely recommend to anyone that worries about printing.

Written by Dee on 25th Feb 2019

Simple, perfect

Minimalist holster. Love it

Written by David on 26th Apr 2018

Small, light, safe...perfection

This is the lightest holster I have used, and also the smallest. I can wear almost anything with this holster with no printing and it is extremely comfortable. I love that with the trigger guarded I can throw this in a bag safe and secure. I highly recommend this holster, it's completely replaced my old EDC holster from Alien Gear.

Written by MATT on 18th Apr 2018


I have been waiting for this. This is my third holster from Raven and I have loved every single one. very comfortable, minimalist, and secure. Absolutely recommend.

Written by Jeremy J on 13th Apr 2018

Great overall product

Very well constructed. I flipped my clip around to use for behind the back carry. It is very comfortable as there is no additional bulk from the holster. Downside, to this holster is that you really should remove the holster from your pants to re-holster your firearm. As a designer, I am impressed by the audible click because there does not appear to be any ribs on the holster that snap over the trigger guard. Great job! Would love additional hand gun selections. Editor's Note:Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing. You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.