VanGuard 2 Kit for Glock 42/43/43X/48

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This VanGuard will accommodate the Glock 48 and Glock 43X.

The VanGuard 2 is a minimalist IWB holster.  Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants.

The VanGuard 2 can be used multiple ways: 

First, it can be used (without the lanyard or the overhook) as a trigger guard cover for storage and transportation safety.  This prevents foreign objects from finding their way inside the trigger guard and potentially pressing the trigger, while still allowing the slide to be cycled and the magazine released.  This gives users the ability to clear the weapon without the danger of a negligent discharge.

Next, it can be used with the static-line tether for on-body (IWB) or off-body carry (such as inside a bag, purse, briefcase, vehicle console, etc).  This allows the weapon to be safely carried with a chambered round without fear of a negligent discharge, while still being rapidly deployable.  The holster can also be removed by catching the nose of the holster and prying it off.  This allows one-hand deployment of the weapon even if the tether or attachment point fails to remove the holster.

Finally, the user can attach the overhook to create a stable, secure, IWB holster.  The complete system is fully adjustable for ride-height and cant, is tuckable for maximum concealment, and fully ambidextrous. 


 Please be aware, we do not advise attempting to re-holster the weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing.  You should remove the VG2 and install it on the weapon outside of your waistband.



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Written by Dannielle Alexander on 6th Jul 2020


I love my Glock 43 Vanguard much easier to conceal carry without getting stabbed by extra holster material

Written by Andrew on 27th Jun 2020

Glock 43 vanguard 2

Minimalist design that securely holds the 43 with a strong grab. Must be worn with a belt, but very secure and doesn’t print. I tried to wear with elastic workout shorts and gun wouldn’t release from holster so just be aware of that. If you plan on using with a belt no problems at all.

Written by Shane on 25th Jun 2020

Quality Product

Everything you’d expect the Vanguard 2 to be, it’s better. It’s the perfect solution for a minimalist holster. The belt clip is strong and sturdy. The holster itself can be relied on to hold your sidearm until it’s ready to be drawn.

Written by Tommy on 19th Jun 2020

Black 43 VanGuard 2

The holster exceeded my expectations. The conceal-ability is much better than other holsters I’ve used and definitely reduces printing. I am a police officer and it is comforting knowing I can conceal my off-duty weapon with confidence especially in times like this. I’m also a father and knowing the holster does a good job as a trigger guard when not carrying makes me feel confident that my children can’t get ahold of it and no accidents will happen. Would definitely recommend it to anyone interested!

Written by Hudson T Bell on 14th Jun 2020

Vanguard 2 Glock 43/43X/48

Second I’ve bought. Love the low profile for carry, and I use it all the time to place my firearms in packs while safely covering the trigger guard. Only thing I’d ask for the 43/43X/48 version is a concealment wing to make appendix a little more concealable. Editor's note: The VanGuard claw on our website will work the the VanGuard for the Glock 43/43X/43. There will also be a new claw available very soon, that will work with all of the VanGuard holsters.

Written by R.F. on 28th May 2020

Great “holster”

I was initially skeptical about getting this IWB minimalist. It’s not like a traditional holster but really a trigger guard with a clip and it is amazing! I have a small waist and most IWB holsters show some printing. I’m using this with a Glock 43 and this conceals very well. Plus the fact that it protects the trigger makes me feel really safe wearing it. Highly recommended.

Written by Kenneth on 13th May 2020

Do not hesitate!!

I was a little skeptical about a holster as minimalist as this one. I mean it only covers the trigger guard, right? But I pulled the trigger and am very happy with the product. The retention is amazing. I am very happy that I went ahead and bought it.

Written by Isaak Tolekidis on 30th Apr 2020

VanGuard 2 Kit for Glock 42/43/43X/48

loving it, so concealable..gun clicks right in. Don't have to worry about the frame getting scratched up.

Written by Joseph on 23rd Apr 2020

G48 vanguard and claw

Ordered the 43/48/43X Vanguard 2 and Glock claw. While it sits slightly higher than I’d like, (the claw limits adjustability) it conceals very well compared to my old iwb setup with no claw. Very pleased with the combo.

Written by Shmuel Alan Frankel on 27th Mar 2020

Innovative and dependable

This is what I rely on for edc. It's easy to conceal and I'm confident that it will keep me safe.