Vanguard 2 Glock Claw

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The VanGuard Claw is for the Glock firearms.  It will not accommodate the M&P or Sig VanGuards.  

Adding the claw to our VanGuard holster, takes the systems conceal-ability to the next level. It leverages the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw.

The Claw will work with a Tuckable strut with overhook or Tuckable strut with soft loops.  This allows you to choose the best belt interface system for your carry and mission type.


The VanGuard Claw Kit includes: 

1 VG2 Claw for right hand shooter or 

1VG2 Claw for a left hand shooter

All  needed hardware









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Written by Rodn3 on 19th Apr 2019


It Works!!!