TopStop AR Upper Receiver Cover

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The TopStop cover is designed to snap on most AR15 or M4 type upper receivers when they are detached from the lower receiver.  The TopStop completely seals the upper receiver preventing fouling from getting in or out and it stops the bolt carrier group and charging handle from sliding out as the upper is moved around.  The TopStop is made out of super tough polymer and is impervious to most solvents and chemicals.  This product is perfect for storing or transporting your spare upper recievers, especially in low-profile bags where the rifle must be broken down to fit.

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Width: 1.00 (in)
Height 2.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)


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Written by R Poole on 21st Oct 2017

Works on side charging 9mm AR

I have a 9mm ar15 that Is broken down to fit in a discrete case. I wanted something that would keep the bolt from slideing out of the reciver and also keep lubricant off the case The upper reciver is a side charging New Frontier Armory,the topstop cover fits perfectly holds on great but comes off with ease for quick assembly .this accessory works as described I like and recommend it!

Written by Ken on 7th Oct 2017


A good little piece of gear at a good price, works as advertised. If you have to travel with your weapon in two parts, or your lower pulls double duty, or more (multiple uppers, varying lengths, and/or calibers) then this is a good investment.

Written by Don on 6th Oct 2017


I use the TopStop alot for transporting my BCM M4 fits perfect and isn't too tight (unless you put it on backwards I digress). Overall great price of gear if you need to transport your rifle broken down so you can be worry free.

Written by Jackmama on 29th Sep 2017

Simple and does what it's supposed to do

Fits snug and holds BCG & CH securely. Some are complaining about difficulty removing the cover. I found that by rocking the cover side to side while pulling down it comes off easily.

Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2017

Works as advertised

Although the fit is very tight at the locking nubs that hold the cover on, I expect it will become easier to put on and remove the more it's used. The molding to match the shape of the upper receiver openings is accurate and fits perfectly. The material is quite hard and I expect it will work as advertised for a long time.

Written by MR on 18th Aug 2017

Fills the need

I have a handful of AR uppers, more than i do lowers, and reciever covers work well keeping the BCGs in place. Either in storage case or in one of my small weapon case, or in my discrete carry bag (rifle has to be seperated to stow in the case). Also makes it easy to carry a second upper when i feel like it.

Written by porkchop on 13th Aug 2017


Perfect fit , crazy fast shipping ! And priced right !

Written by PeteyD on 30th Jul 2017

Great idea and execution of it!

Simple product that makes storage of upper easier & well protected!

Written by Kent Farlin on 10th Jul 2017

Perfect fit

I only have used two of these covers so far but am very impressed at the fit and bolt containment. I'm glad I found them. Now all I need is a lower cover...

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2017

nice fit

Nice tight fit, almost to tight. But not complaining because it will probably get looser with time and wear. And it is better for it to be tight now and not to loose later. I would love a lower receiver version to keep dust and lint out of the trigger group.