TopStop AR Upper Receiver Cover

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The TopStop cover is designed to snap on most AR15 or M4 type upper receivers when they are detached from the lower receiver.  The TopStop completely seals the upper receiver preventing fouling from getting in or out and it stops the bolt carrier group and charging handle from sliding out as the upper is moved around.  The TopStop is made out of super tough polymer and is impervious to most solvents and chemicals.  This product is perfect for storing or transporting your spare upper recievers, especially in low-profile bags where the rifle must be broken down to fit.

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Written by Jamie on 1st Oct 2020

Wonderful product

Ordered this product to store my uppers in my safe, and just as expected these work perfectly! Keeps everything in place until ready to snap into my lowers.

Written by Michael on 18th Sep 2020

Top Stop

Works perfect. I carry my AR broke down to make a more concealed package, this works great to keep the bolt secure and clean while packed. Well made and priced.

Written by Carl on 20th Aug 2020


TopStop is an excellent product that works as advertised. I didn't buy enough the first time around. Solid product that should last for many years and worth the price paid.

Written by Michael on 23rd Jul 2020

More people need to know about these.

I have a few different uppers that I use on my receiver. These things are great for making sure they stay clean and ready for use storing them off a receiver. Also great for travelling and shipping uppers. Not sure why these aren't used a lot more by vendors selling uppers for that reason. These things are almost as useful as having ammunition. Maybe even more useful since they keep the upper nice and sealed from fouling.

Written by Bill Johnson on 17th Jul 2020

Upper Cover

I've used this for a couple years on multiple AR uppers (223/5.56 and 458 SOCOM). They have fit every brand I've tried. Works great for retaining the bolt and protecting the chamber. Highly recommended!

Written by Nicholas Moore on 21st Jun 2020

I didn't even know these existed

I didn't diem know these existed but i searched it and found it. It perfect, exactly what i was looking for.

Written by Ross on 5th Jun 2020

Upper receiver cover

Fits great! I like it!

Written by Steve on 14th Apr 2020

AR Upper Receiver Cover

Whether you're storing uppers in the safe or making transport simpler for a day at the range taking one lower to run several calibers from, or using a bag that doesn't allow for fully assembled AR, this makes the process smoother. Transporting and storing uppers, off of lowers is simpler and cleaner. I picked up one of these a few years ago and it has proven invaluable for containing mess and protecting. I'm glad to see the new price point which makes this product make sense; I just snagged a couple more.

Written by Jaime Halscott on 6th Feb 2020

Excellent quality, fit, finish, price

I wanted a solution that would allow me to fit full size carbines and rifles a bit move covertly in 22-29" discreet cases and also have the ability to bring around spare uppers without BCGs falling out and or getting grease and oil on everything. I found these about a year ago and picked up several. Recently picked up a dozen more. These are consistently excellent fit, non-marring, great sealing option. Highly recommended.

Written by Westward on 10th Nov 2019

Great product.

This is an excellent way to protect your AR BCG and keep everything in one place, charging handle and BCG. I you have multiple uppers this device will keep your AR's upper innards safe. It looks great too. No pins you use. Easy to attach and detatch. Sturdy material.