Surefire P and G series Pocket Clip

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Our Surefire Pocket Clip is designed as a simple way to add a functional, durable pocket clip to your one-inch body Surefire flashlight.  Just remove the tailcap, batteries and o-ring seal from your light and carefully slip the pocket clip down over the threads.  Then re-assemble your light and you're ready to carry.  Each clip comes with a handy finger ring, or you can use any lanyard you'd like on the built in lanyard loop.

*Not compatible with current production click-style tailcaps

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Depth 1.00 (in)


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Written by Malcolm on 15th Nov 2018

Review of Surefire Pocket Clip

An excellent addition to make your P/G series light tactically relevant. The O Ring allows you to hold onto your P/G series light in your dominant hand while drawing and firing. In the use of the non dominant hand, the O Ring improves your grip onto the light. Now us old timers can rummage through our equipment draws and rekindle our original Surefire P/G series lights and get them back into the fray.

Written by Grayson on 30th Aug 2018

Really solid

The clip is a serious clip! Love it

Written by Tom on 16th Nov 2017

Perfect clip for my Surefire

The clip is sturdy, easy to install and works perfectly with the light. No complaints.

Written by carlos on 30th Sep 2017

Good investment for your SF!

Ordered the RC pocket clip for my surefire G2X and this clip is very awesome! Made it more convenient for my EDC. Easy access when needed, instead of digging in my pocket to get it out. Thanks RC!

Written by PeteyD on 30th Jul 2017

Great product at a great price

Some of my older lights are back in EDC rotation thanks to this product!

Written by undefined on 29th Jul 2017

great idea but....

Great idea. Easy installation. The only gripe is that the small loop that holds the rubber o ring constantly digs in to your hip when seated. Editor's note: The pocket clip may be more comfortable, if you carry it in your front pocket.

Written by undefined on 2nd Jun 2017

Great clip

Clip fits very tightly and will not come off. Spring steel is strong and prevents light from bouncing around when walking. This is a fantastic product. I highly recommend it. Reading the comment posted on April 21st labeled "disappointed", I feel I should point out that I had the same problem until I figured out that the ring must go into the groove of the body, below where the tail cap screws on. I have the GX2 LE.

Written by Tom on 21st Apr 2017


I really wanted to like this as I love my surefire lights and they've discontinued their ring. I'll get right to the point - they leave the ring that goes around the light split so you can put the included rubber finger loop in. When I tighten the tail cap down the clips' loop opens and gets pushed out. When I tried to clip it into my pocket it pops out even more. It needs to be welded closed.. Not sure what I'm going to do as it is unusable to me like this.

Written by John on 17th Feb 2017

The final word in surefire clips.

I'm almost glad surefire doesn't make a clip for their P2X themselves, because there's no way it'd be as good as this one. This clip is STIFF. It is so well made you'll probably have difficulty getting it over your pocket. It easily holds the light in any pocket, even when sitting. It is also shaped very well and looks ultra-natural on the light-- like it was supposed to be there all along! The clip's attachment ring that goes around the light body does have a slight break in it, which is how the O-ring got in there. It's nothing more than a 10 cent rubber ring, but does it's job nicely and snags on literally nothing. A good replacement for it is a length of paracord, etc. If I were to buy more surefire P2X/G2X lights, I would absolutely add this clip over any other.

Written by Rod on 3rd Feb 2017

surefire pocket clip

This is an excellent add on to my surefire G2 flashlight. It keeps it right where I need it for quick deployment. A must have if you don't have one.