QMS Adaptor Kit for Perun (0-degree)

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The Perun Quick Mount Straps (QMS) are designed specifically for the Perun holster body and gives you a outside the waistband flexible loop option. (Zero degree cant) The snap feature allows on/off use without unthreading your belt. They integrate by securing directly to the eyelet holes on the front and rear mounting flanges of the holster body. 

QMS Mounting Plates are installed in the same manner as your Perun Closed Loops, and will utilize your existing screws, posts and O-Rings. 



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Written by Brett Baird on 18th Jul 2020

QMS kit

Arrived with three of the four snaps broken and usable. Useless. Editor's Note: Sorry to hear you are having a problem with the belt loops. Our customer service department will have a new set sent to you. You are always welcome to contact us, with any issues you may have. Gearinfo@ravenconcealment.com

Written by Marshall on 21st Apr 2019

Not quite what I'd hoped

I really like the concept this addition brings; bringing a paddle like capability to a belt loop holster. However, one flaw I've noticed is that the strap sits high enough to affect my draw by not being able to fit my fingers between the top of the loop and my weapon.