Perun OWB Holster Sig P-320C and X-Carry

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This Perun holster will accommodate the Sig P320 Compact, Sig P320 X Compact and P320 X-carry models and M18.

The Perun is our flagship outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster.  It is the result of blending the best features of two of our most popular holsters, the Eidolon and the Phantom, to create a highly refined, exceptionally concealable holster.    

The Perun is designed to be the best modular OWB “pancake” style holster on the market.  It has a body-hugging design that rides high for maximum concealment.  The body of the holster is only slightly larger than the pistol contained in it.  This small size aids in concealment while also making the holster more comfortable while seated in a vehicle.

The body-hugging curvature of this holster is accomplished using modular belt loops.  Each holster includes three pair of 1.5” belt loops (LH 10 degree cant, RH 10 degree cant, and ambi 0 degree cant), which allow the end-user to configure the ambidextrous holster body for left-handed or right-handed use, with either a 0-degree or 10-degree cant. Additional OWB accessories such as the QMS are available for purchase

Retention in the Perun is crisp, defined, and consistent, thanks to innovative design features inside the holster body.  The unique retention slider makes adjusting retention as simple as turning up the volume on your stereo.  And unlike other holsters that use the traditional “screw through a rubber grommet” style of retention, the Perun’s retention will not back off after repeated drawing and re-holstering. 

The Perun is compatible with most slide-mounted red-dot optics (like the Aimpoint T-1, Trijicon RMR, etc.) and accommodates suppressor-height front sights up to .350” tall.  It is also fully compatible with the RCS Balor optic mount. 

The muzzle-end of the holster is rounded for comfort, yet has an opening sufficient to accommodate most common after-market extended and threaded barrels (with thread protectors).  The opening at the muzzle is also specifically designed to allow foreign objects (like spent casings) to drop out the bottom so that nothing can block your pistol from being safely re-holstered.

The ambidextrous holster body has both inboard and outboard full-height body shields.  These body shields offer some protection for your pistol from sweat, as well as protecting your skin and cover garments (especially the thin material used for linings in sport coats and suit jackets) from being abraded by the serrations on the rear of the slide.  They also enhance safety by helping keep cover garments and other foreign objects from falling into the mouth of the holster while you have your pistol drawn, and aid in proper, safe muzzle orientation during re-holstering.

The holster is injection molded from a proprietary, extremely high-strength polymer blend that is significantly more durable than Kydex or Boltaron.  Like all RCS products, it is made in the USA, and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

*Legacy belt attachments are NOT compatible with the Perun holster.

Other Details
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Width: 9.00 (in)
Height 6.00 (in)
Depth 3.00 (in)


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Written by JAY STOMPRUD on 16th Nov 2020


Awesome fit and function!

Written by Angelo S. on 1st Sep 2020


Don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable, rides too low. I’d live to return it but there’s no web site contact info. No way to get an RMA. I’m supposed to just ship back blindly, ya, no thanks. Raven used to be good. All things change I guess. Editor's note: Our contact information is at the bottom of the Home Web Page. We have a 30 day return policy. You can send to RCS Refund 7889 Root Rd North Ridgeville 44039. Include a note with your name and order #.

Written by Scott Gierke on 18th Aug 2020

Owb raven holster

Very fast delivery, top notch quality and fit. I would prefer the option of a 2inch belt and if it would hold closer to the hip. Easy fix if I had control of the loop mold

Written by Don D. on 2nd Mar 2020

Perun Holster for Sig P320 XCarry

I've had the holster for a little more than 2 weeks and wear it daily as my off duty carry holster for the Sig. It's very comfortable, I forget I have it on, fits the gun perfectly. Very well made, and came with accessories.

Written by Ric Asbury on 19th Nov 2019

Perun P320C Holster

Very well made. High quality. Very snug against the body. Positive retention click when holstered. My go to for an OWB for my P320C RX. Very minor issue with the RX SIG Red Dot, it hits the belt loop when configured in the 10 degree cant. It will not get a positive lock. I solved the problem by just going with the zero degree cant on the front. The holster still works for me. Best holster I've purchased thus far. The price is incredible for this quality and MADE IN THE USA.

Written by Michael Temple on 8th Aug 2019

Great holster

great quality and craftsmanship.

Written by Joey on 21st Jun 2019

Great OWB holster for carrying with a red dot

Bought this for my P320 X-Carry since it came with a Sig Romeo1 red dot and I needed a holster that would accommodate that. Works perfectly for it. Plenty of space for the sight; fits the gun like a glove (as it should), and it feels nice and sturdy. What can I say? It works!