Perun OWB Holster Glock 19 STERILE

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This is a limited quantity sterile production run of our Glock 19 Perun holster. This means there are no Raven markings on the holster.

When the Perun was still early in its developmental stages, we began showing CAD drawings and 3-D printed samples of it to many of our military and government clients.

One of those clients expressed an interest in acquiring Peruns for their Glock 19s, but devoid of any markings whatsoever. No RCS logo. No part numbers. No “made in USA” markings. No “bird in flight” etched into the body of the holster. These holsters had to be completely sterile.

To accommodate this request, we had to make a sprint run of holsters prior to applying the final texturing and laser etching of the injection mold cavities. This makes these holsters incredibly rare, because we can never produce them in this “sterile” configuration again. The mold had the final cosmetic texture and part numbering applied immediately after these units were produced, making it impossible to make any more.

The sterile Peruns you see offered here are all that is left from that single production batch. This is a chance to buy a cool piece of RCS history, as well as owning an “unobtanium” variant of an otherwise mass-produced holster. Be sure to grab one of these for your collection before they are gone forever.

These are only available for the Glock 19.


*Legacy belt attachments are NOT compatible with the Perun holster.


PLEASE NOTE: .40 S&W and .357 Sig are calibers of ammunition.  This Perun will accommodate GLOCK pistols chambered in either of those two calibers.  Do not order this holster thinking it will accommodate a Sig or S&W pistol, simply because those words are part of the name of a caliber. It is a GLOCK holster and will not accommodate a S&W or Sig pistol.





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