Morrigan Light Compatible IWB Holster

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The Morrigan LC is a revolutionary concealment holster designed specifically for inside-the-waistband carry of a pistol with a weapon-mounted light.  While it can certainly be worn forward of the blade of the hip, the Morrigan is best-suited for people who carry their pistol on or behind the blade of the hip.

It has an extremely slim, compact profile so as not to add bulk to the dimensions of the firearm. A full-height body shield protects the weapon from sweat, while simultaneously protecting the shooter from scrapes and discomfort caused by sharp edges on the pistol such as slide serrations.  The body shield also fully protects the rear sight from snagging or cutting into cover garments while holstered.

The exterior of the Morrigan LC is very smooth and contoured for all-day comfort, but has special features molded into the trigger guard and muzzle area to aid in tucking the rear of the slide and butt of the grip into the body for greater concealability.

Retention is adjustable using the innovative 360-degree Velcro wrap, which provides extremely accurate and repeatable retention adjustments without the use of tools. This “tourniquet style” retention provides a very secure fit while still allowing for exceptionally quick presentations of the weapon from the holster.

The Morrigan LC is ambidextrous. It attaches to the shooter’s belt using a pair of IWB soft loops (included). The holster is adjustable for ride height and cant, and can be adjusted to conceal a pistol on a variety of body types.

And like all RCS products, the Morrigan LC is made in the USA, and is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty.

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Written by Nelson Galimba on 15th May 2020

Great holster!

Lives up to what it says. It is a minimalist holster which I love. Its comfortable for long wear. If the cant is left neutral it can be moved around from appendix to strong side hip if needed.

Written by Name on 9th Dec 2018

Wrong item

Sent me the holster that isn’t light compatible even though I was charged the extra money for the light compatible holster. Left a bad taste in my mouth, especially as a first time customer. Would actively not recommend. Editor's note: We apologize for the error. Our shipping department has been a bit overwhelmed with the holiday shipping. I have sent you a postage paid mailing label to return the incorrect holster. I will have the correct holster shipped to you today. Please feel free to contact us if you ever have a problem with our products. Customer service 440-508-9000 ext 302.

Written by Robert on 15th Mar 2018

Morrison Light Cap. IWB Holster

Perfect for Frontsight students!!! Bought a few more because it works so well.

Written by Robert on 20th Jun 2017

Great for draw and re-holster.

Many options for high, low and tilted mounting in your belt. Great quality and very safe. Works flawlessly with the XC1 Surefire flashlight.

Written by Mike N. on 27th Apr 2017

Probably the best holster I have ever owned...

Using this holster with a G17, +2 magazine extensions, and XS Suppressor-height sites. Also, not going IWB. Rather, Inside The Belt... I was a little skeptical about how this was going to work. Yes, the pictures are clear. However, they can't show the science and engineering at work. There is _a lot_ of cut-in/channel work and sculpting that when combined with the materials used, makes for a holster that is not only rigid, but also light, and has no added bulk. Since it is snag-free, I do not have any problems with it printing through a loose, second shirt. This is the most comfortable holster I have ever used. Getting the retention right took a couple of tries. Part of the problem is that I am using a weapon at the heaviest end of the scale (and I am using 147 gr rounds). What worked for me was a multi-step process. First, with the velcro strap fully loosened, holstered the weapon, pinched the holster tightly closed around the trigger guard, and wrapped the velcro tightly. Looked closely at the velcro, and saw the "strands" running across. Took the weapon out of the holster and looked at where the end of the velcro stops. Loosened the velcro fully and re-wrap it, this time going 2 "strands" tighter than previous. If you decide to wear your Morrigan like I wear mine, be advised that for it to sit "right," you won't be able to have it ride as low as the loop adjustments will allow: The scallops for the mag release will want to sit on the top edge of the belt. W/R/T the sights I am using... The rear sight tops out .33 inches above the slide, the front sight .40 inches. While the front sight clears just fine, there is a very small amount of contact with the rear sight. Here's one change RCS could easily make: Adjust the scallop around the rear sight area by a couple of hundredths. I'm not really beefing about it, because I know I am at more than two standard deviations from the norm. Another suggested change would be to make another deep "dimple" on the right side of the holster in the trigger guard area, matching the one currently on the left side. Perhaps there is only one because two would make the draw too stiff... TL;DR Excellent piece of equipment, will be buying more.

Written by E. Alan Normandy on 19th Sep 2016

Excellent entry level IWB holster for those with weaponlights

When I run a weaponlight from the concealed, this is the holster I use. It is very comfortable and conceals rather well. Excellent pricing, too. If you're looking to IWB a weaponlight for not a lot of money, this is way to go. Please make an Eidolon / wedge and claw version, too!

Written by 1AbominAble1 on 16th Jul 2016

Finally a comfortable secure holster for a Glock and XC1 combo

I waited a long time for holster makers to catch up with the XC1, although some rolled out when the light was released I couldn't find an IWB that looked comfortable. This holster by Raven is perfect for my needs. It's comfortable, the tension is easily adjusted, the adjustments for height and cant are plentiful, I can get a full grip on the gun for a smooth draw, and the light hasn't accidentally turned on even once. I've used their trigger guard holster for years and like how thin the gun remains with it while carrying and that you can tuck it however you like to carry it. The Morrigan is thin and VERY comfortable, if you've read this far do yourself a favor and buy the holster already.

Written by Jarred on 17th Jan 2016

Morrigan eval

Very nice holster. It meets all advertised functions. The directions and materials are excellent.

Written by Troy on 6th Jan 2016

Great IWB Holster for Pistol Mounted Light

This holster makes a great combination with the Surefire XC-1. Most IWB holsters for pistol mounted lights are extremely cumbersome and uncomfortable. Since the Morrigan utilizes a tourniquet system and trigger guard retention dimple, the weight and bulk of the holster is greatly reduced. It sits well while wearing and does not bounce around during the normal movements of the day. I normally carry a Glock 19 Gen 4 and adding the light weight and low pro-file XC-1 gives an additional tool for proper self and home defense. Carrying Glock 19 with XC-1 with Morrigan feels like carrying the Glock 19 with other popular IWB holsters.

Written by undefined on 31st Dec 2015

works Great

Ordered this holster since I wanted an AIWB holster to hold my Glock 19 with the new Surefire light and found it to be simple and effective.