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The Morrigan is a revolutionary concealment holster designed specifically for inside-the-waistband carry. While it can certainly be worn forward of the blade of the hip, the Morrigan is best-suited for people who carry their pistol on or behind the blade of the hip. It has an extremely slim, compact profile so as not to add bulk to the dimensions of the firearm. A full-height body shield protects the weapon from sweat, while simultaneously protecting the shooter from scrapes and discomfort caused by sharp edges on the pistol such as slide serrations. The body shield also fully protects the rear sight from snagging or cutting into cover garments while holstered.

The exterior of the Morrigan is very smooth and contoured for all-day comfort, but has special features molded into the trigger guard and muzzle area to aid in tucking the rear of the slide and butt of the grip into the body for greater concealability.

Retention is adjustable using the innovative 360-degree Velcro wrap, which provides extremely accurate and repeatable retention adjustments without the use of tools. This “tourniquet style” retention provides a very secure fit while still allowing for exceptionally quick presentations of the weapon from the holster. The Morrigan is ambidextrous. It attaches to the shooter’s belt using a pair of IWB soft loops (included). The holster is adjustable for ride height and cant, and can be adjusted to conceal a pistol on a variety of body types.

And like all RCS products, the Morrigan is made in the USA, and is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty.



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Width: 5.00 (in)
Height 7.00 (in)
Depth 1.50 (in)


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Written by Jason J. W. Williams on 7th Jan 2019

Good fit, uncomfortable sharp edges.

Fits my VP9 really well. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the edge finishing that Raven usually has. The edges around the upper sweat guards on mine are really sharp and dig into your skin. Editor's Note: I apologize for the sharp edges. If you contact, customer service, we can have it shipped back and the edges smoothed out.

Written by William on 1st Jun 2018

G43 Morrigan

Awesome holster, comfortable, gun disappears IWB or AIWB.

Written by Clint Hoisington on 25th Mar 2018

Good fit, but rough on the gun finish.

It's a good holster and fits well but it's really rough on the finish of my new 1911. After loosening the retention a little I gave it a couple test draws and found it had badly scratched and worn the finish already. I'll keep using it but may just have a gunsmith remove the bluing and polish it.

Written by Michael Edmonds on 27th Jan 2018

Good but...

I love the fit and quick shipping however i like a more rigorous clip. The snaps are high quality but i just like a hard clip as it feels more secure and is quicker on and off. Holster itself is good to go.

Written by matt on 13th Nov 2017

Raven never lets me down

I carry my Shield appendix in this holster and love how comfortable it is. The draw is very smooth and it has great retention once you adjust the strap to your liking. Raven did a great job on this holster and I highly recommend it.

Written by Gary Young on 8th Nov 2017

Hard to readjust

This holster does enable good concealment and retention. However, once it is assembled, it is almost impossible to un snap it if you want to adjust the cant. Editor's Note: The snaps do take some breaking in. You can also try to put some candle wax or powder on the snap. It will make it easier to unsnap.

Written by undefined on 24th Oct 2017

best iwb holster for strong side carry

Appendix carry just wasn't for me. I much rather carry behind the hip but printing was pretty bad. Found the Morrigan by Raven for my shield 9 mm and problem solved. Stays close to the body, very comfortable and retention is far I'm loving this holster

Written by Jason on 17th Aug 2017

Great Holster!

Fits my G19/23 perfectly. The velcro retention strap is adjustable and will firmly hold your pistol at chosen retention strength. Very little to no printing. Very happy!

Written by nate on 10th Aug 2017

50 dollars well spent

Not ideal for appendix carry but still works great. Is ideal for someone who, depending on dress, has to switch between appendix and strong side carry.

Written by Ben Appleby on 5th Jun 2017

good holster but the fit coupd be more accurate

As the title says, it's a good holster but the fit seems pretty inaccurate compared to the marketing photos. I have a S&W shield and there's a good inch plus gap between the muzzle and the end of the holster. Also the trigger "shelf" does not fully wrap around the trigger (which makes me nervous". Raven holsters are usually better made than this. Editor's note: The Morrigan holster is a bit longer than the M&P Shield for concealment purposes. If the holster was shorter, the firearm would have a tendency to lean forward. The retention is based on the velcro strap. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at