Inside the Waistband Tuckable Soft Loops

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RCS is proud to offer our Tuckable Soft Loops. These loops utilize our nearly unbreakable polymer struts and our improved Soft Loops.

This option will mount in various position on your Phantom holster or Modular carrier to allow you to customize your ride and cant. They will allow you to tuck your cover garment in over the weapon for maximum concealment. This option will mount with the included hardware that comes with your holster or carrier. We do have spare hardware kits available. As always, we recommend that once you find a configuration you like, apply some non-permanent thread locking product to the screws to prevent them from backing out during use and check your gear regularly.

Please note, we do not recommend you carry your holster with the mouth of the holster below the belt line. While it may make the weapon easier to conceal, you might experience draw and retention issues. Reholstering is also a safety concern when the pants are blocking the open mouth of the holster. You are also compromising your ability to get a full firing grip on the weapon for an efficient presentation during a defensive encounter.

Sold in pairs.

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Depth 5.50 (in)


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Written by Mark on 9th Jun 2017

Pull Dots

The molded Kydex struts are excellent. The rubber on the Pull Dots is too thin and already the straps are distorting and sliding on my Wilderness Instructors belt. Are there different thicknesses of Pull Dot strap? Editor's Note: Raven's belt loops are made out of Kevlar and should not become distorted. If they are sliding on your belt, please make sure they are adjusted to the size of your belt. You are welcome to contact customer service at, if you wish additional assistance.

Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2017

outstanding product

This is a quality product. I know that there are many ways to carry but I prefer this method and these loops are on all my holsters. I cannot say enough good things about these loops.

Written by undefined on 24th Nov 2016

Decent, but C-clips were better.

Had a set of C-clips that originally came with my Phantom some years ago. One of them broken off while my holster was off-body, not sure how. I was disappointed to see that RCS no longer offers the C-clips (why?), but I figured these soft loops would be a suitable replacement. They're fine, I guess, but the C-clips were much better. The loops mean the holster can be seated and secured without messing with my belt, but the pull-the-dot buttons can be stubborn. The C-clips were just flexible enough to pop on/off the belt with some purposeful force, but they weren't stubborn. The posts to which the loops are mounted stick up over the waistband/belt by about half an inch. While seated or when bending certain ways, the posts really stick in my side. The C-clip posts, on the other hand, were very low profile. Finally, the loops are fully visible while looped around the belt, and they really scream "gun holster" to anyone who can see them. The C-clips were barely visible, much better for concealed carry. Overall, these are a workable option if you have nothing better, but I will probably be looking elsewhere for a solution. If RCS starts selling C-clips again, I'll be back.

Written by MTK on 5th May 2016

IWB soft loop

Quality product, form, fit, & function as expected.

Written by K Smith on 14th Apr 2016

Raven comes between me and my Calvin Kleins

Well designed and thought out for something that you might think it's so simple. Plenty of adjustment, and rock solid hardware. Only disappointment is that it didn't come with a decal.

Written by John G. on 24th Dec 2015

inside hoilister clips

This clip for the inside belt holster is much safer than the old over the belt clips. So far so good I like that it stays in one place and does not shift easily.

Written by undefined on 26th Mar 2015


I purchased the soft loop clips to convert an OWB to an IWB and it worked perfectly. The snaps are top grade the loops are not showing any wear after 30 days of daily use. It has made putting the holster on so much easier, The tuckable feature seemed to work well the few times I tucked my shirt in; however, I usually carry outside of my shirt.

Written by Jed on 29th Jan 2015

No serious problem at all

The tuckable soft loops work great but the holster now seems a bit to wide now that it's inside my pants. It's extremely slim which is why I bought it to begin with. Still all around awesome holster. Just would maybe consider a different shape holster for iwb carry. Think i will continue to carry mine owb

Written by Rich Rozman on 30th Nov 2014

IWB tuckable loops.

Loops work fine, struts poke into leg. My only problem is that there is no more IWB space in my pants or belt. This is not a Raven issue, but mine. I may try the OWB Quick Mount loops instead. Concerned with the post regarding the distance between snaps, but it is all smartly designed.

Written by undefined on 9th May 2014

They work but.....

For what they are they will work for iwb carry however I still prefer clips or j hooks and hope they will be offered soon. The snaps are also very temperamental and are sometimes impossible to snap.