Eidolon Blue/Copia Blue Combo, Limited Edition!

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Limited Edition Eidolon Blue with Copia Blue Combo

The Eidolon is the culmination of over three years of design and development. It is designed to be the most refined and functional inside-the-waistband holster on the market. At the core of the Eidolon is the holster shell. The shell is precisely fitted to the weapon on the inside and is smooth on the outside to work in conjunction with the body, belt, and clothing -in nearly any carry position- to maximize comfort and concealment. At the same time, the shell provides attachment points for a host of accessories to allow the user to tailor the holster for their specific carry needs.

The holster shells feature an innovative, adjustable retention feature that isolates the tension solely on the front of the trigger guard. This provides for an extremely clean “feel” when drawing and holstering - unlike other companies’ adjustable retention holsters which simply compress the holster body along the entire trigger guard and/or frame, resulting in a mushy feel as the pistol drags against the inside of the holster.

All Eidolon holster shells are fully compatible with most extended controls, factory and after-market sights of any height (including suppressor sights), any type of RDS mounted behind the ejection port, and most extended/threaded barrels.

Full Kit

The Eidolon Full Kit gives you all the accessories needed to optimize your holster for either AIWB or IWB carry on nearly any body type. The Eidolon Full kit is a tuckable, versatile, and comprehensive IWB/AIWB holster package that can be used with one or both belt attachments and give you hundreds of potential configuration options. The Full Kit includes:

  • One holster shell, either G19 with Ambi Short Body Shields or G17 with Ambi Tall Shields
  • One pair of 1.5" overhooks
  • One Tall Spacer for mounting the belt attachment below the trigger guard
  • One set of Belt Claws, both Right and Left hand
  • One set of Holster Wedges for both right and left hand configurations
  • All needed hardware and full instruction manual

Shell Models

  • The G26/19/Universal model has a pass-through open bottom design and will fit any 3rd or 4th Gen. Glock 9mm/.40cal double stack pistol. The holster shell itself is equal in length to a Glock 19 pistol.
  • The G17 model has a closed bottom design equal in length to a Glock 17 pistol, but will fit any Glock 26/27/19/23/17/22 3rd or 4th Gen. pistol.

Included Accessories

  • Tuckable Overhook Set: Fits 1.5" belts. Can be used as a pair or individually. Overhooks offer two ride height positons 5/8” up or down, and approximately 15 degrees of cant adjustment, forward or back.


  • Tall Spacer Block: Used to mount the Overhook below the trigger guard to allow the Overhook to clear the holster shell and adjust for cant.
  • Belt Claw Set: This accessory sets the Eidolon apart from all other AIWB holsters on the market. The Belt Claw mounts to the side of the trigger guard area and juts out toward the belt line. As the belt is tightened, it pushes against the Claw and levers the grip of the weapon into the body. The shape of the Claw is designed to blend into the lines of the holster shell for comfort. It also works in conjunction with the angled sight-channel area to allow the holster to conform to the waistline and virtually disappear under cover garments. The serrations on the face of the Claw are meant to “grab” the pants material to minimize holster movement, but are blunted to prevent damage to clothing. Belt Claws come in sets and can be mounted angled up or down to best make contact with the belt line in any cant or configuration for both right and left handed shooters.
  • Holster Wedge: Designed to mount to the inside face of the holster shell toward the muzzle end, the Wedge will help lever the top and grip of the weapon into the body and maximize concealment especially in an AIWB configuration. The Eidolon Holster Wedge is optional, and can be removed if not needed. It is made from a special polymer which is soft enough for all day comfort, yet durable to last the lifetime of the holster.

Also Included, 1 Copia Magazine Carrier, Short Profile with 1.5" belt loops, Limited Edition Blue


*No substitutions or modifications to this combo. Products are not sold individually.


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Written by Brannon LeBouef on 22nd Aug 2020

Sometimes cool is reason enough

I have been a Raven Concealment Systems customer since day one. I was also a pre-release tester of the Eidolon and it is one of the top 3 appendix holsters I recommend. This particular one, in the blue, was simply too cool to pass up.My company colors are blue and I am in law enforcement, so I had to grab one. Highly recommend for expected RCS quality of build.

Written by JJ on 20th Nov 2017

great comfortable holster!

I am new to appendix carry and wasn't sure what options I would like or need in a holster so I liked the modularity of the Eidolon. Out of the box with the claw and wedge, my g19 disappeared and comfortably. Great holster, great quality, great function and reliability

Written by E. Alan Normandy on 15th Nov 2017

Absolutely beautiful

This is a gorgeous rendition of the Eidolon and Copa, perfect for the police officer you love (hint, hint). Well constructed, beautifully finished and a stunning color. This package was already my favorite EDC holster, but I just couldn't pass up the Limited Edition Blue.

Written by Kevin Schmersal on 11th Nov 2017

excellent combo

Like all the other Raven products I own, this holster didn’t disappoint. Well built and very functional, it fits properly with a retention that allows for a smooth draw right out of the package. It isn’t bulky so as an AIWB holster it is extremely comfortable, standing or sitting. Highly recommend.

Written by fonce001@yahoo.com on 11th Nov 2017

Fantastic Holster!!!

This holster is fantastic. I have tried 10 appendix carry holsters and this one is by far the best. I searched YouTube and various forums and found some reviews but they do not do it justice. The shape of the plastic, the claw and the wedge combine to make this the most comfortable holster I have ever tried. I normally carry a g19 and in this holster it completely disappears. I should have bought the eidolon three years ago when I bought my raven owb but thought it was too expensive. I have spent four times the cost since on some of the most popular aiwb holsters and they don’t even come close to this holster.