Drop Offset Kit

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DOES NOT WORK WITH PERUN HOLSTERS.  The Raven Concealment Systems Drop Offset Kit is a holster mounting solution that enables the end user to lower the ride height of their pistol and simultaneously produce a slight outward can’t from the body.  This enables the end user to efficiently and effectively “clear” body armor near the waistline.  The perfect solution for those who need an option that is higher than a drop leg rig, but lower than traditional gun belt carry.

The Drop Offset Kit (DOK) includes one pair of drop wings, one pair of offset wedges, one pair of 1.5" closed belt loops, and all necessary mounting hardware. The DOK is compatible with all Phantom holsters, Copia Pistol Magazine Carriers, Copia Rifle Magazine carriers, the Copia Combo Pistol/Rifle or Rifle/Pistol, and the legacy magazine carriers. Quick Mount Straps can also be used with the DOK, but are not included in the cut and would have to be purchased separately.


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Written by Elliot on 16th May 2018

Drop Offset Upgrade

This is an outstanding holster upgrade that I would purchase for all of my polymer pancake holster, were it offered. In praticular, the Perun could benefit from exactly this upgrade.

Written by undefined on 17th Sep 2017

Offset Advantage

Finally, I am able to utilize my RCS holsters while wearing my body armor. Previously, I could not readily draw my pistol without difficulty in response situations. This mod allows the clearance necessary to clear the plates. Great idea and an even better quality addition to my RCS gear. Thanks for the upgrade.