Eidolon Tuckable Soft Loops

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Our new Tuckable Soft Loops for the Eidolon Holster System set the standard for this style of belt attachment. The Mil-Spec Pull-the-Dot directional snaps allow easy on and off yet absolute security on the belt. We've added features to the polymer strut to make these the most secure and adjustable belt attachments on the market.

Tuckable Soft Loops can be used as a pair or individually mounted to the holster shell or Offset Wings. The polymer struts provide two ride height positions 5/8” up or down and approximately 15 degrees of cant adjustment forward or back. Soft Loops are adjustable and will fit 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” belts. The soft loop itself mounts in a slot to allow infinite ride height adjustment within the slot envelope. The loop itself can be rotated to allow infinite cant adjustments forward and back. Once tightened down, little nibs in the strut face lock the loop in place and prevent movement.

The Tuckable Soft Loop Set includes:

  • Two Soft Loop straps
  • Two polymer struts
  • One Tall Spacer (for mounting the strut below the trigger guard)
  • All needed hardware and instructions


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Written by Kurt Fisher on 10th Sep 2020

Military grade snaps

These snaps are industrial strength! They are in a class by themselves. Can be used for multiple applications, holsters, sheaths, etc. whatever needs a snap that won't fail.

Written by E. Alan Normandy on 22nd Mar 2018

Perfect for those time when an overhook isn't enough

While the overhooks are perfect for 90% of us, there are times when a tuckable, and more secure snap are needed. When those times come up, this is the kit you want.

Written by bRobert Carr on 2nd Jun 2016

High quality fasteners

I break clips (or they work themselves off of my belt), and have had no success with other loops (usually snap related). These came on a recent holster purchase, and since I have been very happy with them, I am working on modifying all of my holsters with broken clips to use these loops. And to convert the IWB that use these loops to tuckable IWB with these loops. No more broken holsters.

Written by undefined on 14th Apr 2016

Perfect Warranty Response

I ordered the entire Eidolan system to carry my Glock 19 several months ago. I am particularly fond of the tuckable soft loops. Unfortunately, I had one snap in half on me a little over a week and a half ago. I contacted Customer Service, they had me snap a quick photo of the breakage and sent me out a completely new set of soft loops and the necessary attachment. Response was quick and I've had them for several days now. Great response and quick service, thanks guys!

Written by Javier on 26th Jun 2015

Nice addition to the eidolon

It's a plus. I like to have the option. They look very well built. However, for now I'm using the plastic clips.