Copia Pistol Double and Single Magazine Carriers (Fits most 9/40 Double Stack Magazines)

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Copia will accommodate the Glock 48 magazines.

The Copia magazine carriers are premium, duty-grade, injection-molded magazine carriers designed for hard-use, daily concealed carry.  Their innovative cavity design and retention system allows them to be used ambidextrously with the double-stack magazines of nearly 100 different handgun models chambered in 9/40/357.

They are available in singles or doubles, and have a body-hugging contour which is not only more comfortable than traditional magazine carriers; it is also more concealable.

These carriers will ship with 1.5" Standard OWB belt loops. Additional loop sizes with can be purchased separately. 
Shooters can also select between the standard tall body-style, which is compatible with all of our modular belt attachments, or short body-style which only works with our  OWB closed loops, OWB QMS and IWB Soft Loops

Finally, you can buy one pistol magazine carrier that will work with nearly all the handguns in your collection!
Just some of the models we have found to fit the Copia are:
Fits Glock 9mm/40/357
M&P 9mm/40 Double Stack
HK P30
HK P2000
XDm 9/40
Styer 9/40
Beretta PX4
Sig 226/229

Sig P320/320c


Beretta M9/92/96
Baby Eagle
Browning HiPower
Walther P99
Walther PPQ
SW 4006

And many more!

Other Details
UPC 810022110799
Width: 8.00 (in)
Height 9.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)


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Written by Gabe on 20th Aug 2020

Copia double pistol mag review

Good retention. Good contour with the body. Would like the product to be modular and have the ability to use the product as both a double carrier and two single carriers.

Written by Willie Ruffin on 27th Jul 2020


It is absolutely phenomenal, it allows for a faster removal without compromising quality retention.

Written by Emmett FAIRCLOTH on 14th Jun 2020

Copra mag carriers

I am a protection officer here in Texas, I use various pistol and holster combinations. I went to my personal range and began testing for retention draw tension and comfort. Best gear I have used so far. I will be buying more for my other pistols soon. If I have to fight again I am sure my Raven gear will stay in play and keep me safe. Thank you for this excellent gear. You are saving lives with thoughtful properly engineered equipment for us all. Well done. Shamgar Ranch

Written by Kevin Simpson on 25th May 2020

Copia Magazine Carrier

Product was just as I thought it would be, GREAT. I've already recommended it to friends.

Written by JD on 8th Feb 2019


I have both the single and double COPIA as well as the legacy MD cut single Kydex for Glock. While I was extremely skeptical given the ultra concealability of the MD cut, I was impressed by the short shield (new MD cut) and how well it conceals. Single Mag: I give this a 5 Star, RCS eventually had to go to something that fit all magazines. The retention especially for Glock magazines is perfect. The short shield allows me to carry a spare magazine while running (A)/IWB with my legacy Phantom or Eidolon on the weekend. Double Mag: I give it 4 stars. The short cut does make a difference, my only complaint is I wish the rivets were not in the middle and that the magazines were seated closer together, but this was likely a structural integrity issue during the T&E process. If possible, I recommend this be an improvement. Depending on the body type and location on the belt (9-11 O'clock), the middle portion of the double copia tends to push out/print. The boltaron material is a plus compared to the older Kydex T. I would love to see these accommodate single stag magazines given the new popularity of slimmer single stack pistols along with 1911 holdouts (with all due respect). Overall, RCS makes a product that is dependable. The warranty and customer service is A+. YMMV.

Written by Paul S. Hoover on 2nd Mar 2018

Copia single magazine carrier

Simple and well made mag carrier also adaptable to different magazine manufacturers. Hugs the body well and very comfortable to carry. Great piece of kit.

Written by MIKE on 17th Feb 2018

I wish they made this carrier years ago

Finally a magazine carrier that with adjustable tension and very sturdy. Over the years I have went thought many carriers which seems to break during our training I am very confident that this will not be the case in this robust design.

Written by Riley on 22nd Dec 2017


Overall quality is good. My only complaint is that I cannot face my rounds forward in the carrier. The magazine doesnt have enough room even if tension screw is fully loosened. Editor's Note: Sorry to hear you are having a problem with the Copia Magazine Carrier. Please contact customer service at Let us know what magazine you are using. (The Copia will accommodate the 9m,40cal double stack magazine.

Written by Michael Lang on 2nd Jun 2017

Worth It

Just got my mag carriers and I am very happy with them. I wanted the double mag carrier in the short profile, but they were not in stock at the time so I went with 2 singles. I was able to join them together using the supplied hardware, and everything went together great. I'm happy it worked out this way, because now I have 2 carriers that I can use in either a single or double orientation whereas I would have been stuck with just the double if I had of ordered that one. The only negative for me is that I would like the option of clips that slide over the belt rather than the loops.

Written by undefined on 22nd May 2017

screws wont hold tight

The screws frequently needed to be retightened during a vickers training class. Also a thick belt wont slide through because there's a ledge on the underside rather than being flat. I had to have the carrier further back than I liked (I'm a lefty). Wish a standard Kydex mag carrier (like the raven one for glocks in 45) was available for double stack 9 magazines. Another downside is the 2 mag carriers are riveted together so you cant seperate them into 2 singles.