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"RMR is NOW COMPATIBLE WITH GEN 5 GLOCKS" The Micro is not. It is also compatible with the Holosun 507c.

Designed to fit Glock pistols, the Balor Mount allows the user to non-permanently mount an Aimpoint® Micro T1 or H1 or Trijicon® RMR to their slide. Rugged, reliable and simple to mount, the Balor features a return to zero capability and an integral limited back up iron sight, in the unlikely event the optic fails.

The Balor Mount will fit in the Raven Concealment Systems Perun, Eidolon, Phantom and Vanguard families of holsters. 


*The Balor Mount is compatible with the following model Glock pistols, Gen 1-5. (G17, G19, G26, G34, G17L, G22, G23, G27, G35, G24, G31, G32, G33, G41) It IS NOT compatible with the G42 or the G43 pistols. The MICRO is not compatible with Gen 5.

Other Details
UPC 810022111123
Width: 4.00 (in)
Height 6.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)


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Written by Blake on 15th Jan 2019

Best non-milling way to mount an optic

I don't have this product, but noticed the description is leaving out some major points. You need to run BUIS on a pistol with an optic because as you draw your eyes naturally line up the iron sights, and when the red dot appears in the sight window you naturally transition to that. Without irons, you spend 1-3 seconds searching for the dot because there's no way to perfectly line the gun up and lose all the benefits of having an RDS on a pistol. BUIS ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY IF ADDING AN OPTIC TO A HANDGUN. So if you can't afford or don't want to mill your slide to fit an RDS, this is the next best thing. I will add that having the sight that much higher over the bore does mess you up a bit, but it's far better than running without irons.

Written by Roland Cline on 26th Mar 2018

Best possible red dot mount on the market

I’ve tried every way imaginable to put a red dot on a Glock, the balor is by far my favorite method, first no milling, second the front sight doesn’t snag like the tall fsp’s do when you do a milled slide and the rear sight is completely out of your sight picture, I couldn’t imagine a way to improve this product I would say lower the price, but it’s a steal at $200 compared to milling a slide. I will not ever be using another rds mounting system on a Glock ever again.