Paddle Clip for ModuLoader Frames


These simple Paddle style clips are designed to mount to our ModuLoader Frames (modular base) and allow an easy on, easier off option.  Each clip is adjustable for 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" and 2" belts.  All needed hardware is included.  If you already have a two or three finger Frame, you'll need one clip.  If you have a four or five finger frame you'll need two clips to provide a stable ride on the belt.

Other Details
Ships in 1-3 business days
product.width 2.00
product.height 3.00
product.depth 0.25


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Written by Boyd on 31st Dec 2017

Paddle clips

These don't work well if your going to wear just a belt, as others have stated, they flop around too much and angle out at the top. I almost threw then out in disgust. But I found they work great on the belt when you are wearing a chest carrier because that angle out at the top keeps the mags on top of your carrier. Makes a nice layered transition between the belt and carrier.

Written by Ravenuser01 on 20th Aug 2015

Backer should be included

try to mount it to double taco but it needs a backer to work. very disapointing

Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2015

Worst Product Raven ever produced

Wow, I am a huge fan of Raven Concealment. I've been using their holsters for many years. However, this has to be one of the worst ideas Raven ever schemed up. I attached two paddle clips to two rifle Taco magazine holders. I loaded up two empty AK mags into the Tacos. There was so much slop and flop the product was nearly un-useable. With the magazines fully loaded the product was a complete joke.

Written by Royce Cleveland on 30th Oct 2014

Awesome Product

I bought this adapter to go with a Kydex sheath made by Phlster holster for my Ka bar TDI knife sheath. The holes line up perfectly and it stays on my belt like a champ. Another awesome product from Raven Concealment!!!

Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2014

Terrible. Seriously.

Let me preface this review by saying that I'm a huge Raven fan and own a TON of their gear. They completely missed the mark with these. I don't know anyone that wears a belt that is 2" thick (perhaps the incredible hulk?) but that is what these are intended for. They leave such a huge gap between the moduloader and your belt that the mags remain flimsy and lack any real vertical stability.