Moduloader Frames - Modular Base


ModuLoader Frames are designed to bridge the gap between daily concealed carry gear and more “tactical” load carriage products like the extremely versatile Taco pouches from High Speed Gear, Inc. ModuLoader Frames are injection molded from the same unbreakable polymer as our belt loops and pancake wings, and allow the user to mount Taco pouches securely to a standard pants belt. This simple product largely eliminates the need for unnecessarily bulky padded MOLLE/PALS belts.

Frames are made to work specifically with HSGI Taco pouches.  Taco pouches have a number of features that work with the Frames to hold the pouch in place.  All Taco pouches have three horizontal rows of 1" webbing with no space in between the rows.  The Taco pouches for rifle magazines are tacked down the center of these three rows to create two separate channels.  On the Taco pouches, by selecting which two rows of webbing you pass the Frame through you can adjust the ride height up or down. 

Frames come in four sizes.  The pouch configuration you want will determine which size you select.  Each size has a different number of vertical "fingers" (5, 4, 3 or 2).  The fingers slide behind two of the horizontal rows of webbing on the inside face of the pouch and are secured by installing the included bracket along the bottom of the Frame.  Taco rifle mag pouches use two fingers, pistol mag pouches use one finger.  If you will be mounting more than one pouch on a Frame you must skip a finger between each pouch.  For example, if you want to mount two rifle mag carriers on a Frame, you would order a 5 finger Frame.  The two rifle mag carriers would mount on the four outer fingers leaving an empty finger in the middle of the Frame assembly.  If you want to assemble a frame for one rifle and one pistol mag carrier, you would select a 4 finger frame.  If you want to assemble a Frame for two pistol mag carriers, you would select the 3 finger Frame.  If you want to assemble a Frame for one rifle mag carrier, you would select a two finger Frame.

This is our Modular Base Frame set up.  These kits come with the size frame you select, locking bracket, all needed hardware and the belt attachment you choose.  If you choose standard belt loops, 5 finger Frames come with three belt loops, all other sizes come with two belt loops.  If you select 1.5" the belt loops can be mounted with the logo pointing up or down to adjust the ride height.  If you select pancake wings all Frames come with two wings in the belt size you select.  If you select the paddle clip option 5 and 4 finger Frames come with two clips, 3 and 2 finger frames come with one clip.  You can link these frames to our other modular holsters and carriers (with additional hardware kits).

Fit Guide:

Rifle magazine pouches mount on "two fingers." Pistol magazine pouches mount on "one finger," but require extra space for the belt loops to be mounted. When mounting more than one pouch, it is necessary for one "finger" to be a spacer between the pouches. Examples:

  • One rifle magazine - Two Finger Frame
  • One pistol magazine - Three Finger Frame recommended (belt loops mounted to outside Fingers, pistol pouch mounted to center Finger).
  • One Rifle magazine and one pistol magazine - Four Finger Frame
  • Two rifle magazines - Five Finger Frame
  • Two pistol magazines - Three Finger Frame
  • Three pistol magazines - Five Finger Frame

With the standard belt loops included, the magazines will ride on the belt with four available ride heights.  Because of the construction of the loops and the nature of the carriers, they will stand off away from your belt just a little.  This will facilitate a positive grip on the magazines and will also clear most concealable body armor.  If you require a more concealable set up, you can choose a set of our Pancake Wings which will pull the pouches in as close as possible to your body.  If you require a quick on/off option, you can select the paddle clip option.  The paddle clip is adjustable from 1.25" to 2" belts.

Other Details
Ships in 1-3 business days
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5 Average based on 44 reviews Write a Review
Written by Eric C. on 22nd Sep 2017

Five Finger Moduloader

I already have a three finger for two pistol mag tacos. Got a five finger for two double tacos. You can't beat these frames. A must add to your mag carrier suite. I prefer the pancake wings which keep this frame in place and close to your body for better concealment. Quality all around

Written by undefined on 22nd Jan 2017

nice design, terrible assembly instructions

Great option for belt mounting tacos. Had to you tube install instructions, design only shows one variant and is unclear as to how to assemble the paddle version.

Written by Edward Cruz on 26th Nov 2016

Modular base, subload base

How long have I waited for this, item is greatly made, easy to install this is what I needed for my HSGI double taco. And the customer service is great very supportive with immediate response. Both of this item is highly recommended to any shooters it is a must have for this taco holsters.

Written by undefined on 12th Sep 2016

These things are Super Awesome

Fit anything. Installs in under a minute. Fits every type of belt hanger offered, so you can keep your spares organized/to a minimum. My only knock is they don't come in colors to match the kydex. But then, that's consistent across the whole catalog of belt hangers.

Written by Aaron on 19th Aug 2016

Works Great!

Bought this piece to attach to my triple magazine pouch. It works great. It keeps the tacos nice and firm and close to my body. I highly recommend it

Written by Dan Kerrigan on 28th Feb 2016

Best product for tacos

Like always raven has the highest quality products. These are great for putting tacos on a shooters belt, and very easy to install.

Written by S on 18th Feb 2016

Use for Police Duty

I purchased this system about six months ago and was really on the fence about ordering it for daily uniform police duty. Mainly because the three magazine version has to use the paddle clips to fit onto my police duty belt, thus they are not permanently attached to the belt. My primary concern was that the whole unit would come off in a fight, chase etc which after 11 years on the job I have seen happen more than a few times. I have to say I was really surprised how well the clips work at anchoring onto my gun belt. Even as it is not on my waist and tossed around they still stay on. I can see where many nylon belts may not have such an aggressive hold due to the anchor hooks being too shallow, but on my Ares Gear belt the clips "click" onto the belt. My only critiques are that the main plastic panel that holds the tacos be thicker and come out with a permanent mounting system to fit police (2") gun belts so the whole unit does not lift up as easily when it's on a belt. My favorite part of the system is that it moves the tacos slightly away from my body and makes the magazines more accessible. Overall I'd say it's good to go to do some real work on the streets.

Written by Dale on 5th Feb 2016

Great option

Ordered these to give me options for mounting molle pouches to a concealment belt. They work great and give me many different options to add and mount my gear.

Written by undefined on 28th Jan 2016

Not impressed

Even on my 1 3/4" belt it felt sloppy & slid around, plus the Taco pouches had room to move around on the plastic carrier. Not impressed, I'll keep looking for a better way too mount Tacos directly to my belt.

Written by Shane on 12th Jan 2016

Low Profile, Flexible and Simple

I'm running two pistol tacos on moduloader frames for EDC. I wear a suit jacket everyday and the flexibility of the frame let's them curve around my hip, for a very low profile. Very simple to put together and the obvious benefit of having a two taco pouches on my belt. I don't think I could conceal it with just a T-shirt, but with any outerwear they disappear.