HSGI Rifle Taco


Check out our ModuLoader Frames for a versitile mounting option for your Taco pouches!

Malice Clips are NOT included.

"TACO™", Modular single rifle mag pouch. This unique pouch, compared to similar mag pouches in it's class, will hold more types of mags than just the AR series of mags. Not only will it hold AR type mags including P-MAGS, it will also hold Magazines for the AK, FAL, M14, SR25, M1A1 20 rnds, G3, Saiga 12, and more..... even some types of radios. It will also hold the large Flash bangs and the M-18 Smoke grenades. This mag pouch measure 3" in width compared to the top selling mag pouch which is wider and disrupts much needed space on the user's modular platform. Made of Cordura, Polymer, and shock-cord. It is silent when stuck against and while extracting the mag. The "TACO™" maintains a positive grip on the mag on which is adjustable and does not need any other use of a securing system unless desired upon by user preference. Webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of "over the top" bungee retainers if desired (not included). Additional loop velcro is sewn in the inside if the user wishes to use adhesive backed hook velcro on his magazine body for added security. Testers have reported no issues other than it is a little hard to mount to a platform , but this was very little concern to them compared to the overwhelming positives this unique mag pouch provides. Covered by HSGI's™ Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.

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Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2017

Well thought out

The rifle taco and moduloader system is a very efficient, well engineered product that effectively performs its primary task, and is versatile enough to carry other items that need discrete belt carry. I found it very useful for back up battery systems, emergency medical gear, communications gear, you name it.

Written by Glenn Goodnight on 17th Dec 2014

Awesome and Versatile

Great product. Works on AR-15 and AK mags no problem. Good snug fit yet easy to use when reloading.

Written by undefined on 29th Jun 2014

They just work.

HSGI's Tacos just work. Once the size is adjusted, easy in and out for the riffle magazine.

Written by Twocuts on 18th Mar 2014

Rifle Taco/Pistol Taco

Easily expands and contracts to suit the need. Quiet. Easy to insert and remove mags.. Easy to add a retainer bungee for situations where you need to run and gun.