HSGI Pistol Taco


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Malice Clips are NOT included.

"Pistol TACO™", Universal single pistol mag pouch. This pouch will hold any combination of Pistol Magazines. Single Stack 1911's to HK 45 Magazines. 1911, M9/Beretta 92, Glock, HK, XD, Ect.. IT can also hold a variety of Multi-tools and Flashlights securely.. Made of Cordura, Polymer, and shock-cord, it is silent when stuck against and while extracting the mag. The "Pistol TACO™" maintains a positive grip on the mag on which is adjustable and does not need any other use of a securing system. Covered by HSGI's™ Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA

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product.width 1.50
product.height 4.00
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Written by Gary Westlund on 6th Mar 2015

an OK mag pouch that fits many sizes for a high price

product not explained very well on website. If I'd known exactly what I was buying, I wouldn't have bought this. Your Kydex holsters are awesome, but this is not.

Written by Glenn Goodnight on 17th Dec 2014


These things are awesome. Just ordered a couple more. Things I like are: (1) ability to handle almost any magazine snugly, (2) can hold flashlight or knife, (3) it is very easy to get the mag out of the pouch - there is no grabbing between the taco and the magazine so reloads and faster and quicker.

Written by Steve_K on 3rd Oct 2014

Great gear!

Im using three of these with the RCS modular frame for my Glock 19 magazines. Also takes my HK P7M13 and 1911 magazines just as well along with small flashlights and knives.

Written by Julio Rosa on 7th Sep 2014

excellent functional!

excellent functional!

Written by Mike F on 15th Aug 2014

Got Gear?

If you need to stash a mag, folding knife, light, etc.; this will hold it securely. Adjustable and elastic. Good product

Written by Chuck on 14th Aug 2014

Excellent Product

This is by far one of the best pouches on the market. Shipped very fast and arrived on time. Raven's customer service is first class.

Written by undefined on 29th Jun 2014

The flat out work great

The HSGI tacos just flat out work. I bought these to go on a moduloader setup. Yes they don't come with the malice clips. So if you want the tacos's which just work and don't want and or need malice clips, you can buy and bundle with the moduloader frame purchase. If you want just the tacos buy somewhere else, the tacos.

Written by wilson on 24th Feb 2014

Must Have

Most people have more than one handgun they shoot. These allow single or a double stack magazines. Multiple mounting options. I originally bought these for pistol/carbine class. Out of all I have used these stand out in craftsmanship and ease of use. Retention is superb and adjusting them is super easy. I am a buy once cry once type of guy, don't settle for less. Be sure to buy extra fingers as you will have fun trying the different configurations you can make. Tacos rule !!

Written by undefined on 17th Feb 2014

Great Fitment.

Fits just about any pistol magazine along with surefire flashlights and multitools.

Written by Jay on 13th Jan 2014

Heads up before you buy

I ordered two of these as well as two rifle tacos. The quality and function so far is great. I haven't used them at the range yet, but so far just messing around with them at home I am very pleased. However, I am not very happy that I bought them through Raven Concealement. I purchased the ones I did so that I could stack the pistol taco on top of the rifle tacos. Upon receiving them I realized they did not come with the standard MALICE clips to attach to each other or any MOLLE for that matter. I called customer service and was told that theirs does not come with them and was referred to another company to purchase them separately. I feel that this was handled poorly considering these are standard from other sites. At a minimum they should tell you they don't come with the mount, especially since elsewhere they come with it for the same price as raven concealment charges (without it).