Advanced Hardware Kit


Advanced Hardware Kit:

Qty 8 - o-rings

Qty 4 - slotted steel post

Qty 2 - plain steel post

Qty 4 - 3/8” screw

Qty 4 - 1/2” screw

Qty 2 - 3/4” screw

Qty 2 - 3/8” flat head screw

Qty 2 - 1/2” flat head screw

Qty 1 - 1 inch long segment of rubber tubing

Qty 1 – mag carrier retention post

Qty 2 - male Pull-the-Dot snap

Qty 1 - thread locker

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Ships in 1-3 business days
product.width 1.00
product.height 1.00
product.depth 1.00


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Written by Bruce Buckner on 13th May 2017

Raven hardware package

I like the interchangeability of the Raven various carry options. I have worked with mine to find the best carry technique by changing the hooks, loops and soft loops to fit me personally. I am always losing a screw or two, so the hardware kit is very handy.

Written by on 3rd Nov 2016

always good to have a few extra parts on hand.

I change from IWB to OWB on my phantom holster. I bought this just in case I needed to replace some screws.

Written by Robert Ferris on 31st Jan 2016

Good Stuff

EXCELLENT! The advanced hardware kit has all the nuts, bolts, screws and washers you'll need to maintain your Raven holster.

Written by Mike Murray on 31st Dec 2015

Lots of stuff I don't need, only one of what I do need

I have had a quad mag holder setup from Raven for years and I lost one of the center screws/nuts. The hardware package came with exactly one each of the "t" shaped nut and the one long screw I needed. Since these are the first and only fasteners I've has problems with, more than one each would seem to be indicated.

Written by Brandon on 5th Jul 2014

Quallity Hardware

Screws, fastening bolts, and grommets are all high quality and fit exceptionally well to my custom RC Holster. Love the products and thanks for the fast shipping.