3-Pack of Surefire P and G series Pocket Clips


Our Surefire Pocket Clip is designed as a simple way to add a functional, durable pocket clip to your one-inch body Surefire flashlight.  Just remove the tailcap, batteries and o-ring seal from your light and carefully slip the pocket clip down over the threads.  Then re-assemble your light and you're ready to carry.  Each clip comes with a handy finger ring, or you can use any lanyard you'd like on the built in lanyard loop. This contains 3 pocket clips.   *Not compatible with current production click-style tailcaps

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Ships in 1-3 business days
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product.height 2.00
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Written by Sarge on 7th Oct 2017

Simple, but effective

The best aftermarket clip yet. Simple design, sturdy and effective. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and nothing more.

Written by Chris on 30th Mar 2017

A Must Have

This clip changes a Fury light into the near perfect EDC light. The Fury lights have always been some of the best for output bur require some method of carry such as a belt sheath. With this clip they can now be slipped into a pocket. The ring enables a much higher level of security and flexibility especially during weapon manipulations

Written by Joe on 12th Sep 2016

K.I.S.S. - works!

Using it on my NiteCore P20. Fits perfect. Simple, sturdy unfuckupable - the AK of light add ons.

Written by TT 222 on 16th Jul 2016

Good stuff! Quick and easy add on

Saw this in action during a low light VCQB class with 88 Tactical. Ordered mine, arrived in a few days. Install is a breeze. I now use the ring on my EDC light and both Duty lights at work. Really works well. It's a inexpensive add on that you need to have!!

Written by Doug K on 15th Jun 2016

Great piece of kit!!

First heard of these at a Hackathorn class that included night firing. Ordered some as soon as I got back, now all my lights wear one. I especially light the ring for retention while firing. Quality stuff, great service.

Written by Tom E on 1st May 2016

You need this on your Surfire

I waited for these for a while and when they were available, they didn't disappoint.

Written by Doug on 30th Apr 2016

Great piece of kit!

Another quality product from Raven. Perfect fit on my Surefire and 5.11 lights, sturdy clip and ring. Can't wait to get it to the range for a work out. These. We're recommended at a Hackathorn class and I'm really glad I grabbed some. Thanks!!

Written by PM on 24th Jan 2015

great add on for Nitrolon.

My Nitrolon is really a Frankenstein; Thrunite LED, Surefire permanent on/off switch and now a raven concealment clip. The clip works great. I just have to adjust the contacts of the switch to make the permanent on/off switch work. Thanks!

Written by Mike in Fort Worth on 15th Dec 2014

I love these things

I bought one of these pocket clips when they first came out and I love them. That combine a clip with a means to retain tour light when shooting. I've bought several and know almost all of my lights are equipped with this device. This is a good if you have more than one light. I strongly recommend them.

Written by Manuel M. on 12th Dec 2014

Best pocket clip I've had, better than some OEM pocket Clips.

This is an awesome pocket clip that I put on my old Surefire 6P and Klarus XT12. Best pocket clip I've encountered. The rubber O-ring is still on the fence since I haven't really used it, but I do see the use for it.